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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 05(73) 2019

Philadelphia, USA

Impact Factor 6.630


p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2019

Issue: 05

Volume: 73

Published: 30.05.2019

Pages: 672


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1. Abdirashidov, A., Ortikov, B., Kadirov, N., & Abdurashidov, A.
Application of Adomian decomposition method, Taylor series method and a variational iterations method to solving a second order ordinary differential equations.

2. Abdirashidov, A., Babayarov, A., Aminov, B., & Abdurashidov, A.
Application the variational iteration method and homotopy perturbation method for the approximate solution of integral equations Voltaire.

3. Abdirashidov, A., Babayarov, A., Aminov, B., & Abdurashidov, A.
Application the homotopy perturbation method for the approximate solution of linear integral equations Fredholm.

4. Usmanov, F. F.
Linguocultural competence as the means of identifying images in fixed similes.

5. Mamatov, A.
Phraseo-semantic field and its semantic-pragmatic study.

6. Turgunov, S. D.
About areal properties Namangan folk songs'.

7. Muranov, S. B.
Some issues of preparing future teachers of fine arts and applied arts for innovative activity.

8. Akhunova, S. N.
Economic mechanism of the application of anti-crisis management at the enterprise.

9. Nazarov, U. A.
Influence on the distribution defines the parameters of detonation waves in gas suspension in sharp extendable tubular.

10. Eshmuminov, A.
Problems of creating national corpus of the Uzbek language. Level of synonyms.

11. Chemezov, D., et al.
Manufacturing of a case-shaped part in conditions of sheet stamping.

12. Aripdjanov, O. Y.
A brief history of the worked bone, ivory, antler and horn objects from Bactria in Kushan period (1st century BC – 4th century AD).

13. Sultonov, K. S., & Eraliyeva, S. F.
Intensive reproduction of grapevine seedlings by vertical and horizontal layering method.

14. Saparov, K. A., Dadaev, S. D., & Mirkomilova, Z. M.
Structural characteristics of the filariat fauna of warm-blooded animals of Uzbekistan.

15. Safarov, I. I., & Kulmuratov, N. R.
Influence of non-stationary waves on cylindrical body.

16. Kazakbaev, S. Z., Karymsakov, N. S., Karabayev, N., & Shevtsov, A.
The grain thrower-classifier for grain processing.

17. Kulmuratov, N. R., & Kaxarov, S. K.
Dynamic stressed-deformable state of a piece-uniform cylindrical layer (shell) with liquid from a harmonic wave.

18. Hoshimov, H.
New datа on the absolute chronology of Kelteminar culture based on the materials from the site of Ajakagytma.

19. Yuldashev, R. D.
The role and significance of innovative education in the development of higher education.

20. Yarmatova, M. A., & Turaeva, S. E.
Text Analysis in Geodesy and Mapping Engineering Contexts.

21. Suyarova, M. E., & Zulfiqorova, Z. A.
Text Analysis in Technical English.

22. Shadmanova, N. I., & Raximova, D. P.
Utilization of Dictionary.

23. Tokhirov, J.
Islamic scientific works of Ali Qushchi.

24. Botirov, B.
The role of Uzbekistan in the activity of Islamic cooperation organization on patience and sustainable development during the globalization age.

25. Alimov, I.
Prospective banking reforms are the solution for the economic growth in emerging economies like Uzbekistan.

26. Rajabova, B.
The will literary genre in “Kutadgu bilig”.

27. Ernazarova, G.
The development of “Meditate lyrics” in the Uzbek classical poetry.

28. Dusmanov, S. A.
Theoretical and practical issues of formation and development of entrepreneurial philosophy in Uzbekistan.

29. Datuashvili, M. V.
The study of securing sections of fabric parts of high modulus fibers.

30. Bazarova, I. R.
From the history of modernization system of primary education in Ferghana valley (as an example of independent period).

31. Blagorodov, A. A., Bordukh, D. O., Kopylova, A. V., Prokhorov, V. T., Kozachenko, P. N., & Maltsev, I. M.
On the feasibility of the formation of culture collectives of enterprises for effective results making digital production of import-substituting products for consumers in the regions of SFD and NCFD (message 1).

32. Blagorodov, A. A., Bordukh, D. O., Kopylova, A. V., Prokhorov, V. T., & Maltsev, I. M.
Peculiarities of quality management of digital production of defect-free and import-substituting true for consumers SFD and SCF (2 message).

33. Seitkaziev, A. S., & Salybaev, S. Z.
Modeling of the evaporation process on gray soils.

34. Seitkaziev, A. S., Salybaev, S. Z., & Seitkazieva, K. A.
Establishment of hydrochemical indicators of serioecal soils in the semi-dump zone of the Jambyl region.

35. Umirbekova, A. S., Sarshayeva, A. B., & Maratkyzy, N.
Preparation of the natural liquid rye ferment without yeast.

36. Murat, M., & Shevtsov, A.
Library for some numerical optimization algorithms.

37. Utemgaliev, D., & Shevtsov, A.
The development of the library in Maple implements the algorithms of the method of interior point.

38. Aliyeva, S. A.
On the nature of the transformational method (interpretation of the nature of the transformational method).

39. Kambarov, J. X., & Kuchkarov, D.
Influence of brand on the company's trade policy.

40. Yusupova, D. R.
Comparison of prosody used in the works by Alisher Navoi and Abdurakhman Jami.

41. Dolidze, N., Chirgadze, Q., & Lursmanashvili, L.
The relevance of the study of violations of posture of children's population of Georgia.

42. Nunev, S. T.
Formation of positive attitudes towards persons with disabilities in social work students.

43. Lutfillaev, K. M.
Tafseers of the Quran, written by scientists of central Asia.

44. Turaev, A. S.
Neoconservatism in the "Greater Middle East”.

45. Ashirmatov, X. X.
Epistemological features of self-organization the development of nanotechnology.

46. Ahmedov, I.
The formation of national ideas, scientific-theoretical and social impact of globalization on it.

47. Karimov, N.
Philosophical thinking is an important means of shaping the spiritual qualities of a person.

48. Nazarova, R., & Sultanova, M.
Transnational corporations as a factor of innovative investment.

49. Sabinin, O. Y., & Toporov, M. V.
Building a composition of consensus algorithms federated byzantine agreement and proof of stake.

50. Sabinin, O. Y., & Toporov, M. V.
Identification and validation of business processes using process mining algorithms and a distributed ledger techonology algorithms.

51. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Yatskovets, N. D.
Development of a web service for building routes according to user interests.

52. Kiselev, V. N., & Kozhevnikov, V. A.
Development of the automatic synchronization service for packages and files for RPM and DEB based distributions..

53. Guliyeva, A. E.
Strategic aspects of the main objectives of the state program on social and economic development of regions in Azerbaijan.

54. Tatvidze, M. L., Bochoidze, I. G., & Gamkrelidze, E. A.
Development of rectal suppositories based on aloe vera for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the rectum.

55. Tatvidze, M. L.
Study of dried rosehip with the method of high-pressure liquid chromatography.

56. Izaak, S. I., & Kolovratov, V. A.
Brand management in sport.

57. Irisbekova, M. N.
Methodological approach to quality assessment of transport and logistics services.

58. Berdikulov, S. N.
Multiparty system and development of its national model in Uzbekistan.

59. Krahmaleva, U., & Shevtsov, V.
The homogeneous solution of problems of mathematical physics in the maple environment.

60. Krahmaleva, U., & Besbayeva, M.
Finding a solution to a regular problem of the Sturm - Liouville problem with various boundary conditions in medium maple.

61. Sabinin, O. Y., & Gorbatov, N. V.
Development of an algorithm for translating natural language sentences into SQL queries.

62. Karimjonova, M. I.
Criteria’s for the regulation of the organization of the accounting procedure of wages and internal control of workers of customs authorities of the republic of Uzbekistan.

63. Nuriddinov, Z. A.
Econometric modeling of investment and innovation development of the regions of the republic of Uzbekistan.

64. Pyshkova, E. P., Dmitriev, P. A., & Baklanov, A. N.
Increase the safety of iodinated cooked salt.

65. Mirzaev, F. R.
Foreign experience in the preparation of a sports manager: in case of Russia.

66. Turgunova, F. N.
Histories of restoration medrese Ulugbek in the city of Samarkand.

67. Amanhodjaeva, G. N.
Progresses of progress in museum integration of the xxi century: based on national and international experiments.

68. Qodirov, B. B.
Historical stages of Uzbek art films.

69. Ergasheva, G. I., & Mulladjanova, N. A.
Terminology: the nature of concepts and terms.

70. Chemezov, D., et al.
Designing and manufacturing of shaping parts of a die mold.

71. Safarov, B. J.
Features of management and modeling of business processes at retail trade enterprises.

72. Tulenbayev, M. S., Manapbaev, M. D., Beglerova, S. T., Alipbekov, A. S., & Makovetskaya, A. A.
Comparative evaluation of digital filtration of signals in analytical information measurement systems.

73. Alipbekov, A. S., Aldashova, Z. T., Makovetskaya, A. A., Dulatbaeva, S. S., & Tulenbayev, M. S.
Features of the use of mobile android applications in the educational environment.

74. Ochildiev, F. B.
Trade relations between Bukhara - Russia in the second half of XVIII century - in the XIX century.

75. Darvishov, I. U.
Signs of the consonant positions in Turkic languages (The example sin Namangan area Kipchak dialects in republic of Uzbekistan).

76. Zhanatauov, S. U., & Agaev, A.
A giving realism to the property values of the cereal crops in the model ?-sample.

77. Mamatalimov, Z. M.
Folklorism in the poetry of Anvar Obidjon.

78. Abdullayev, U. I.
Factors of transition from the primitive society to the statehood system in central Asia.

79. Najmiddinova, K. Y.
Organization intensive mathematical training with the help of computer games in the preschool education system.

80. Suleymonov, M. Y.
The role of Hafiz Khorezmi in Turkish poetry.

81. Isroilova, S. J.
In vitro microclonal multiplication of fruit cultures.

82. Xashimov, S., Abdullayeva, N., Dadamirzayev, M., & Rizamuhamedova, G.
Introduction of a cotton cleaning device for technical and technological re-equipment, modernization the cotton cleaning industry in Uzbekistan.

83. Narzullaev, L. A., & Saparova, N. E.
The importance of state youth policy in training future young generation in Uzbekistan.

84. Makhsudov, D.
A genius of the world.

85. Jo’rabekova, M., Meyliyeva, S., Abruyev, A., & Zikiryoev, A.
Investment attractiveness policy as for the parallel goal of stable economic development in Uzbekistan.

86. Eshniyozova, A.
Up dates in a narrative genre.

87. Azimov, A. A., & Avliyokulov, U. M.
Social-aesthetic views of the epoch Abu Abdullah Rudaki.

88. Zhunisbekov, S.
Nuclear energy is basis of power industry of Kazakhstan in the future.

89. Tursunov, R.N.
Ecological condition and mysteries in Turkestan periodical press in the early XX century (in the case of Sadoi Fergana newspaper).

90. Biykuziev, A. A.
Political and economic influence of the Kanguy confederation on the territory of the central Asian interfluve.

91. Vishnevskaya, I. L.
Subject image of forensic examination.

92. Aydarbekov, J. T., & Tagaeva, A. M.
To the question of actual aspects of the investigation action in the criminal procedure legislation of the Kyrgyz republic.

93. Kenzhekhojayev, M.
Comparative study of the biochemical composition of Kazakhstan raspberry varieties for dietary nutrition.

94. Vnukov, P. A., & Belyh, I. N.
Research of sources of alternative electric energy and methods of their joint work.

95. Kenzhekhojayev, M., & Kiyabayeva, A.
Physico-mechanical indicators in waffle production using sorghum flour.

96. Abdurazzakov, A. A., & Karimov, N. R.
Some brief information on Al-Sihah Al-Sitta.

97. Kakhkharova, M., Rakhimova, D., Nomozova, S., & Azimova, D.
Banking frauds as a barrier for economic development: is financial activity under risky?

98. Sagatova, S. B., & Pardayeva, D. T.
Language game in the artistic text: problems and tasks.

99. Botirova, P., Atamirzayeva, E. B., & Saydaliyeva, M. A.
Specific features of using information technologies in learning process.

100. Inamova, M., Dadabayeva, F., & Karimova, N.
The role of pedagogy in the education of a mature person.

101. Xamidova, N.D., & Rasulkulova, K. T.
Dynamics of development of scientific and technical terms in english language. The appearance of new terms.

102. Abdullayeva, N. X., & Xolmirzayev, I. A.
Application of modern information technologies in teaching students of technical specialist.

103. Atamuhammedova, R. F.
Knowledge of technical terminology in the English language.

104. Nurmirzayev, F. D., Abelqosimova, M. X., Mansurova, N. S., & Sobirjonova, K. O.
Principles and means of developing heating and ventilation system of multistorey residential buildings.




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