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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 07(75) 2019

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2019

Issue: 07

Volume: 75

Published: 30.07.2019

Pages: 470


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1. Chemezov, D., Pavluhina, I., Komissarov, A., & Kanishchev, I.
Properties research of grey cast iron in condition of gravity casting into a metal mold.

2. Ganiev, E.
Formation of preschool educational institutions and their mechanisms of modelling.

3. Utanova, S.
The coordination of color and clothes in literal image (in the example of ghazals by Alisher Navoi).

4. Eshonboboeva, S.
Issues of screenwriting genesis in oral folk art.

5. Kholikov, Y. O.
Moral aspects of national ethnic in bringing up young generation with generosity.

6. Isakdjanov, R. R.
Theoretical bases of studying the gnoseology of central Asian philosophy.

7. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Yarulin, K. V.
Integrating Online Counseling Services with Just Ai Conversational Platform.

8. Yazdonov, Z. S.
Attitude to the ecology of plants in the Uzbek national custom.

9. Zikriyoeva, F., Primkulova, A., Ergashev, I., Saidova, D., & Jalolova, N.
Culture and art: social phenomena of integrating Uzbek students with science, business and global community from the school ages case of Gijduvan secondary school.

10. Nurdinova, F. K.
The criterion for increasing the political participation of women in the work of civil society institutions.

11. Shadmanova, S., & Joniyev, M. F.
Hajj: the ways of pilgrimage of Muslims of Central Asia in the late XIX - early XX centuries.

12. Zhakash, A. T., Dzhakashova, E. A., & Tursynbay, O. M.
Vibrations of the rod with different ways of fixing the ends.

13. Zhakash, A. T., Dzhakashova, E. A., & Tursynbay, O. M.
Numerical methods for calculating vibrations of straight rods of variable cross-section.

14. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Zhorova, E. V.
The system of thematic and statistical information processing of print and online publications.

15. Hamidov, N. S., & Shermukhamedov, B. A.
Trends and development of the new national interbank payment system "HUMO" in the republic of Uzbekistan.

16. Madumarov, T. T.
Related reformations in the development of small business and private entrepreneurship in the republic of Uzbekistan.

17. Akhmedjanov, K.
Accountancy reform and prerequisites for the preparing of financial statements under IFRS in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

18. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Shmagina, A. A.
The system of automatic check of work to normalize relations.

19. Toshova, D., Tosheva, D., Hamidova, D., & Toshova, S.
Improving early learning: diversity and transitions of schools, teachers and classes.

20. Mukhtarov, U. M.
Studying of scientific-philosophical heritage of the east renaissance intellectuals in development of philosophical education.

21. Djuraeva, S.
Sacred places in Surkhan oasis and population’s religious life.

22. Nurmukhammadov, D.
Muhaddith Haisam Ibn Kulayb Shashi and his contribution to the development of hadith science.

23. Xodjayev, S.
Separate aspects of formation the electronic government and information society (in the Republic of Uzbekistan example).

24. Alieva, G. A.

25. Turdiev, A.
Folklorisms in poetry and their features (In the example of the poetry of Tura Sulaymon).

26. Khairova, D. R., & Masharifov, R. B.
Assessment of the condition of managerial innovations and manufacturing and economic activity of firms.

27. Kurochkina, A. V., & Ovchinnikov, Y. D.
The study of the factors of balance, stability, repulsion in the biomechanics of the athlete's movements.

28. Normurodov, D. R.
The physical and geographical situation during the epoch of development of ancient tashkent oasis.

29. Toirova, G. I.
Actual problems of Uzbek linguistic research.

30. Blagorodov, A. A., Bordukh, D. O., Kopylova, A. V., Prokhorov, V. T., Maltsev, I. M., & Lopatchenko, T. P.
About the possibilities of educational technologies for training highly qualified specialists for practical activities.

31. Usmonova, M.
Ways of improving the qualities of national character on adolescents in literature lessons.

32. Ismoilov, E., Kasimova, F., Ortikov, B., & Abdirashidov, A.
Particular solution of boundary problems for the wave equations using the approximation methods.

33. Ismoilov, E., Kasimova, F., Ortikov, B., & Abdirashidov, A.
Particular solution of boundary problems for the heat dissipation equation using the approximation methods.

34. Ismoilov, E., Kasimova, F., Ortikov, B., & Abdirashidov, A.
Application of Adomian decomposition method to solving of some boundary problems mathematical physics.

35. Kosimov, U. A.
Abdulkholiq Gijduvoniy (Khojagon Nakshbandiya) Sufism teaching and the psychological aspects of the silent rememberance status (zikr).

36. Zurapov, A.
Anti corruption efforts on monopoly railway company in the light of international cooperation in Uzbekistan.

37. Nasrullaev, M. I.
The question of literacy in Uzbekistan.

38. Khalmanov, A.
Laser spectroscopy of ultra-small concentration of atoms and aerosols in various phase states of substance.

39. Ubaydullaev, I. A., & Muhamadiev, N. E.
The philosophical essence and functions of geoeconomic thinking.

40. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Grigorev, M. Y.
The study of migration from MySQL to NewSQL DBMS Tarantool.

41. Kodirov, R. B.
The dynamics of population and demographic pressure (on the material of Fergana region).

42. Komilov, O. K.
The history of the development irrigation and land-reclamation in Uzbekistan and its effects (1950-1990).

43. Mirlan, A.
Peculiarities of the legal status of district police commissioner in the Kyrgyz republic.

44. Mirlan, A.
Legislative framework for the protection of public order in the Kyrgyz Republic.

45. Khaydarova, N. A., & Mekhmanova, B.
«...Asia has not left me»: the image of the East in the works of M. Voloshin (based on diary entries and the poem «Desert» - 1901).

46. Rahimov, E. A.
Ecological features of transport.

47. Amirov, F., Guliyeva, N., Gakhramanova, Z., Zarbaliyev, B., Azizov, E., & Khalilov, V.
The determination of sensitivity of bacteria to the synthesized derivatives of polycarbonyl nitrogen-containing compounds.

48. Nunev, S. T.
Attitudes of social work students towards the application of supervision model in their practical training.

49. Radko, S. G.
The formation of a competence model based on the components of the labor potential.

50. Ibrahimov, K., & Ozturk, O.
Design of renewable energy source for embedded systems and implementation on complementary sensor structures.

51. Hasanova, U., Guliyeva, N., Akhmedova, S., Azizov, E., Khalilov, V., & Zarbaliyev, B.
Preparation of compositions based on modified epoxide oligomer with GO and investigation of their physical-mechanical properties.

52. Karahanova, A. A.
Conclusion of marriage with participation of foreign people in the Kyrgyz republic.

53. Karahanova, A. A.

54. Karahanova, A. A.
Order of adoption of children by foreign citizens on the territory of the Kyrgyz republic.

55. Ramazanov, N.
The poetic interpretation of the concept faqr in the lyrics of Alisher Navoi.

56. Mamasoatov, D. R.
Important features of fruit and vegetable for export potential in Uzbekistan.

57. Shumskaya, L. M., & Komarova, I. K.
Russian fantasy world images in the process of the russian language acquisition as a foreign language.

58. Ergasheva, G. N.
Modern methods of teaching English to kinders.

59. Putintseva, A. R., & Ovchinnikov, Y. D.
The essential idea of the human extreme sports.

60. Abuzalova, M. K., & Sayfullayeva, R. R.
Main features of literary narratology.

61. Vishnevskaya, I. L.
Features of means of activity of judicial examination.

62. Qasanov, A. A., & Abdullayeva, M. Y.
Studying the process of liquid extraction in a countercurrent apparatus.

63. Saidakhmedova, D.
Development of management of tourism in the Dzhizak area of the republic of Uzbekistan.

64. Gulamov, S. S., Gulamov, S. S., & Shermukhamedov, A. T.
Teaching of digital economy in the universities of the republic of Uzbekistan.

65. Anarkulov, S. M.
The role of social institutes in self-consciousness of urban population.

66. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Cognitive model of the structure of the municipal body on monitoring the moral environment for subsides of human resources.

67. Bababekov, A. D.
Ethnic composition of the mountain districts of Uzbekistan in the early XX century (in the case of Sangzar - Zaamin region).

68. Khamidov, A. K.
The stylistic possibilities of synonyms in the example novels of Murod Muhammad Dust.

69. Korneev, A. M., & Al-Saeedi, F. A. A.
System of modeling and management of multi-stage production processes.

70. Potapov, Y. A.
Components of the system of the end-to-end internal control of scientific enterprises with state participation.

71. Nurimbetov, R. I., & Khidirova, M. R.
Mechanisms for implementing corporate governance in industry development in Uzbekistan.

72. Juraev, Z. M.
The intention – a choice or the doctrine of election in Mavardi product «A l-ahkom-as-sultoniya va-l-valoyot ad-diniya».

73. Narzilloyeva, Z., Ortiqova, S., Kurbonov, K., & Ruziev, A.
Improving secondary education quality and equality with cooperation of international community.




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