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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 09(77) 2019

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2019

Issue: 09

Volume: 77

Published: 30.09.2019

Pages: 480


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1. Kuldoshev, N. U., Kulmuratov, N. R., Ishmamatov, M. R., Rakhmanov, B. S., & Axmedov, N. B.
Natural experimental research of the behavior of underground enclosed constructions exposed to seismic explosives. Part1. Method of experimental studies of dynamic behavior of underground pipeline designs under the influence of seismic explosion waves.

2. Shpet, V. V., Ovchinnikov, Y. D., & Yakunina, V. A.
Effectiveness of participation of secondary schools in the GTO system of Russia.

3. Saidboboeva, G. N.
The problems of electrification of Turkestan on the statistical editions and literature (20–50th years of 20th century).

4. Khusanov, S. S.
The role of voice director in today's Uzbek national multiplication and its development.

5. Xudaynazarov, S. X.
Development and spirituality: literature in the system of factors that enhance the spirituality of a person.

6. Kasimova, N. S.
Formation of short films in Uzbekistan.

7. Sharipov, F. G.
The impact of external trade prices of the world market on foreign trade prices of Uzbekistan.

8. Axmedov, B. A.
Scientific heritage and activities of Abu Jassos.

9. Kobilov, U. U.
Interpretation of the image of the Virgin Mary in the poetry of Alisher Navoi.

10. Akhmedova, N.
Improving organizational structure for small and medium contracting firms.

11. Khomidov, E. O.
Organizational and legal aspects of activity of governmental higher education establishment.

12. Abdullayeva, M. Y.
Research of the ultimate biological oxygen demand in the produce water of oil deposits in the Absheron Peninsula of Azerbaijan republic.

13. Hajiyev, J. J., & Ahadov, V. B.
Priority orientations of enterprise financing under uncertainty and risk.

14. Kuldoshev, N. U., Rakhmanov, B. S., Kulmuratov, N. R., Ishmamatov, M. R., & Xalilov, S. F.
Natural experimental studies of the behavior of underground shell constructions under the influence of seismic explosion waves. Part 2. Method of experimental studies of dynamic behavior of underground pipeline designs under the influence of seismic explosion waves.

15. Hodjimatov, M. M.
The great power of literature to awaken national spirit.

16. Ablazov, E. E.
Influence of virtual threats on the outlooking of youth in the information society.

17. Khondkhodjayeva, N. B.
An ecological significance of pheromones.

18. Yazdonov, U. T.
Organization of public opinion under influence of forms of social consciousness.

19. Tursunov, F. R.
Regularization of the Cauchy problem for the first-order linear elliptic systems with constant coefficients in a bounded domain.

20. Djabborova, M.
Depicting Jamshid’s image in Alishir Navoi’s works.

21. Abdunabiev, S. B.
Description of the life of Turkic peoples in the work “Travel” by Ibn Battuta.

22. Ruzmatzoda, K.
Mabdai Nur is an important source of research Sufian teaching in Islam Central Asia period of XVII - XVIII centuries.

23. Haydarov, I.
Comparative analysis of temples of world religions.

24. Abduxamidov, M. A.
Discussion of distortion and incorrect interpretation of the holy terms of Islam by terrorist groups in social networks.

25. Sagdullaeva, D. K.
The morphological peculiarities of Arabic loanwords in “the stories of prophets” by rabghuzi.

26. Rakhmonova, S. M.
Rubai metrics in Uzbek poetry in the second half of the twentieth century (in example of creativity of Khabibi, Sabir Abdulla, and Chusti).

27. Allanazarov, M. K.
The role of eastern and western philosophy in point of view Allame Tabatabai.

28. Gulomova, N.
Development of digital economy in the republic of Uzbekistan: challenges and solutions.

29. Popova, S. V., Zorina, E. B., Gulay, T. A., & Kron, R. V.
Application of mathematical concepts to explain the essence of physical phenomena to students of engineering directions.

30. Goreglyad, M. I., & Kropachava, L. V.
Understanding cogeneration systems.

31. Djuraeva, S.
Zoraastrism and Zoolatric views at the monument Jarqotan which situates at the south Uzbekistan.

32. Olimova, D.
Translation issues of lexemes expressing personality in the novel “the days gone by” by Abdulla Kodiri.

33. Mamajanova, I. T.
World experience in the notary sector and modernization of the notary sector in Uzbekistan.

34. Naibova, T. M., & Abbasova, K. Q.
Synthesis sulfocationites based on modified phenol-formaldehyde oligomers.

35. Nunev, S. T.
Creating conditions in the supervision with social work students for association of the values of profession and their development.

36. Akmatova, A. T.
On the formation of the state border of the Kyrgyz republic.

37. Nunev, S. T.
Current aspects of the communication in social work supervision with students in the practical training.

38. Abaildaeva, A. N.
Analysis of judicial practice of the Kyrgyz republic compensation for moral damage in cases of protection of honor and dignity.

39. Toshmatov, S. A., Khasanov, T. A., & Temirov, J. A.
Formation of the private homeowners company’ budget and analysis of its financial and economic activities.

40. Nazarova, R., & Nigmatullaeva, G. N.
The strategy for scientific and technical cooperation in Uzbekistan.

41. Asrorova, L.
Comparative analysis of the old types of letters.

42. Chemezov, D., et al.
Contour presentation of plastic strain of a square aluminium sheet blank in conditions of implementation of a shallow drawing process.

43. Chemezov, D., et al.
Internal force factors in a sheet blank material when drawing by the direct method.

44. Chemezov, D., et al.
The mathematical model of adhesive fracture of superlattice coating.

45. Rustamiy, S. A.
Poetical art of Yusuf Balasagun.

46. G’iyosov, I. K.
The theorical features of the organization of the strategic management accounting in business.

47. Pikulina, V. A., & Ovchinnikov, Y. D.
Health-saving measures using administrative resources.

48. Gafurova, S. U.
Historical source as a legacy of the past.

49. Norova, K. Y.
Managing the pedagogical process of teaching educational management courses in higher education institutions.

50. Maksudova, M. U.
Theoretical Foundations and Scientific Analysis of Characters' Illustrations in the Works of Charles Dickens and William Thackerey.

51. Mamatov, D.
Projects of making clay and plastic toys in pre-school education.

52. Gaziev, M. H.
Handicrafts dealt with cattle - breeding.

53. Safarova, Z.
Factors of the development of art in Uzbekistan during World War II.

54. Orifova, S.
Emotional stress and preventing it in an adolescence stage.

55. G’oyibnazarova, N. R.
Integration between mother tongue and mathematics in primary education.

56. Soliyeva, M.
Regional diplomacy in central Asia: experience of Uzbekistan.

57. Akhmedova, D.
Functional and stylistic features of parts of Persian language speech in newspaper texts.

58. Galitskaya, L. V., Diagileva, N. M., Metelitsa, N. G., & Travnikova, O. E.
Innovative approach to solving medical errors.

59. Al-Sukkry, L. M., Abo Nasriya A. H.
DFT Investigation of CH2O adsorption on pristine and doped Fullerene C32.

60. Poulmarc’h, M., Laneri, N., & Hasanov, E.
Innovative approach to the research of ethnographic-archaeological heritage in Ganja based on materials of kurgans.

61. Azizov, N. N.
The author’s depiction of person and his attitude in the novel “Thousand and one appearance”.

62. Utambetova, A. Z.
Origins of the formation of historical and epic works in Berdah 's work.

63. Isgandarova, V. F.
To the question on the research of constructions of verbs (Transitivity and intransitivity).

64. Alimov, T. A.
Gender and translation studies in perspective of the Uzbek linguistics.

65. Kobilov, U. U.
The images of the prophets in the poetry of Alisher Navoi.

66. Ugrekhelidze, I., Dolidze, N., & Darsavelidze, K.
Formation of the information base of Georgian national clothes.

67. Kuranbekov, A.
Interpretation of Turkic borrowing in Hafiz 's work.

68. Syrgakova, Z. A.
Historical aspects of the institute of notary in the soviet period.

69. Syrgakova, Z. A.
History of development of the institute of notary in pre-revolutionary period.

70. Shokirova, M.
Lexicon and vocabulary of sport words in linguistics.

71. Suyunov, Y.
Topical issues of financial accounting of investment.

72. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Risk calculation model of interest rate change «Yield to maturity date» for the state securities of the republic of Kazakhstan nominated in tenge.

73. Khakimov, A. L.
Improvement of audit organization rating in Uzbekistan according to international audit standards.

74. Rasulova, S. G., & Obidova, F. Y.
Issues of small business development.

75. Mamadjanova, T. A.
Issues of agricultural cluster`s organization: foreign experience.

76. Kobilova, Z.
The tradition and feature in the creative work of Amiriy.

77. Bazarov, S. B.
Figurative images of narrative “Ovul oralagan bo`ri” of Normurod Norkobilov.

78. Daniyarov, B. K.
Synonymy as a phenomenon of language and expression of semantic equivalence of lexical units.

79. Gadoeva, L.
Ethnosocial aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

80. Saidolimov, S.
Deepening complementarities between south Korea and Uzbekistan.

81. Tozhiboev, M. T.
National and universal values are important factors in ensuring peace and stability in the progress of society.

82. Turaeva, B. B.
Retrospective forms of literary time in the works of Chingiz Aitmatov.

83. Kushbayev, F. K.
The peculiarities of the Meccan period in the history of the spread of Islam.




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