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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10(90) 2020

Philadelphia, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Jumanazarov, U., & Ergashev, A.

Poems about the youth of Sahibkiran Amir Temur.

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Language: English

Citation: Jumanazarov, U., & Ergashev, A. (2020). Poems about the youth of Sahibkiran Amir Temur. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 10 (90), 6-14. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 6-14

Published: 30.10.2020

Abstract: The historical era of Kashkadarya-Surkhandarya has existed since ancient times. In particular, poems about Amir Temur and Babur are widely spread. Until now, some of the Bakhshi living in this territory have been written and published, such historical epics as" Oichinar", "About Babur", "Birth of Sahibkiran", "Birth and youth of Amir Temur", " Temur and Boyazid", "Great Amir Temur", " Ahmad Yassavi", " Alisher Navoi", "Makhtumkuli". We wrote and published an epic about the birth and childhood of Amir Temur "the birth of Sahibkiron" from Ruzi Bakhshi Kulturaev, an epic "the birth and youth of Amir Temur" from Chori Bakhshi Umirov. If both epics concerned the birth of the historical person Amir Temur, his childhood, then widely known fantastic inventions, epic sponsors, characteristic of traditional epics, as well as the image of mythological evil forces. First of all, when it became known about the birth of Amir Temur, evil forces, ill-wishers in different kingdoms are trying to destroy him both before and after birth. But no matter how hard they try, epic sponsors, holy spirits, teachers are not enough because of their desire to help Temur and mother Teginabegim. Since Amir Temur's father Taragai Bakhadir went on a long battle journey, he lives with his mother Teginabegim in Amir Chaku's house. Temur grows from childhood strong, energetic, smart. Since childhood, he captivates the minds of children with various national games. Increased is strength. The poem reflects how he lived through his childhood. In the Poems about the birth and youth of Amir Temur, the life, successes of that time, and the way of life of the people are well covered. Along with the names of such historical figures and places as Amir Temur and his saints, father, mother, Amir Chaku, Bayonkulikhan Bukhara, Kesh, Zanjisaray in the epic, there are a number of fantastic images.

Key words: The historical epic, traditional epic, Sahibkiran, birth, tradition, divine power, black power.








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