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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 05(97) 2021

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2021

Issue: 05

Volume: 97

Published: 30.05.2021

Pages: 622


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1. Ibrahim, A. M., & Adekanye, S.
Design and implementation of intelligent system for detection and analysis of Ebola disease.

2. Ismailova, N. S., & Khasanov, T. A.
The importance of human resources management in increasing the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

3. Isayev, J. M.
Importance of increasing the strategic technological competitiveness of industrial enterprises.

4. Yakubova, L. G.
Increasing Competence via Subject-Specific Vocabulary Acquisition.

5. Primqulova, A., Tohirova, S., Jorayeva, S., & Zikriyoyeva, F.
Raising technology class quality at schools for expanding commercialize handmade products (Evidence from Bukhara and Navoiy Regions public schools).

6. Xojanov, J., & Xojanova, M. J.
Director - is a theatrical career.

7. Kamalova, D. E.
The importance of the creativity of the writer Marat Taumuratov in the Karakalpak literature.

8. Marziyaev, J. K., & Matekov, A. D.
Artistic features of M.Nyzanov's works in Karakalpak literature.

9. Abduraimova, N., & Xaydarova, S.
The introduction of psychological characteristics of overcoming the aggressiveness of the individual.

10. Narzikulova, R. A.
Phonetic errors in learning English in non-linguistic universities.

11. Nurmanov, K. T.
Modern concepts of reducing costs and increasing the quality of rice products in strategic management accounting.

12. Goloperov, I. V., Baklanova, L. V., & Baklanov, A. N.
Solution of safety problems of patients with arterial hypertension under strong viral infection. Development of a special salt mixture.

13. Goloperov, I. V., Baklanova, L. V., & Baklanov, A. N.
Solution of safety problems of patients with arterial hypertension having increased blood viscosity. Development of a special salt mixture.

14. Baklanova, L. V., & Baklanov, A. N.
Solution of safety problems of persons like the disease hypertension and asthma. Development of a special salt mixture.

15. Alimova, Z. V.
About common words in Uzbek and Tajik languages, their semantics.

16. Dovidova, G. M.
The role of media in the establishment of civil society in Uzbekistan and the establishment of their legal basis.

17. Dosmatov, H. H., & Ibragimova, E. I.
linguistic phenomena associated with word games.

18. Zokirov, M. T.
Mastery of using taboos and euphemisms by Abdullah Qadiri.

19. Maxmudova, N.
Bird names really matter: features of ornithonymes in language.

20. Habibullayeva, S.
The linguopoetic function of movements in the stories of Isajon Sultan.

21. Mamazhonov, A. T., & Khozhiboev, M. S.
The importance and necessity of cash accounting in banks.

22. Mamazhonov, A. T., & Mamanazarov, T. A.
Improving profit management in a market economy.

23. Karimov, K. M.
Organizing teaching process using local computer network.

24. Rakhimova, D. P., & Islomova, S. H.
Advantages of multimedia in teaching Russian language.

25. Chemezov, D., et al.
The fatigue resistance analysis of steel double helical gear wheels.

26. Yunusova, G. A.
The importance of correctly selected techniques in the practical work of higher mathematics in the independent, creative thinking, conclusion of the student (cadet).

27. Boymirzaev, A. S., & Yokubbayev, A. A.
Recent advances in dye-sensitized solar cells using plant pigments.

28. Yuldashev, J. G.
Information and educational environment in the provision of academic activity: an example of the paradigm of the environment.

29. Yuldashev, J. G., Kayumov, D. A., & Jurayev, A. T.
Causes of decrease in pump performance.

30. Maksumova, U. A.
Approaches and methods of teaching english: oral approach, situational language teaching and audio-speech method.

31. Tursunova, F. T.
Problems of alternative choice of several methods in the process of teaching English.

32. Najmiddinova, G. B.
Linguistic aspects of drug names.

33. Najmiddinova, G. B.
Multimedia presentation as an effective means of activating the educational process at a foreign language lesson.

34. Rasulova, N.
Modern lesson as a fundamental component in the educational process of the English language.

35. Rasulova, N.
The role of grammatical skills in communicative-oriented teaching of foreign language communication.

36. Tursunkulova, S. T.
Complicated features and theoretical basis of forming person’s esthetic consciousness.

37. Djabbarova, K. A.
Radio etiquette formulas.

38. Yodgorova, Z. G.
Modality in media language.

39. Khamidova, S. S.
In western classical works actional interpretations (On the example of the role of Hamlet in the play «Hamlet» by Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Tokhir Saidov).

40. Bogutskiy, V., & Shron, L.
Estimation of the influence of skewing and noncoaxiality of the bearing rings on the axis vibrations of the spindle of a metal-cutting machine.

41. Turaev, S. S.
The impact of the tax burden on the activities of taxpayers.

42. Akhmedov, M. S., Juraev, T. O., & Kulmuratov, N. R.
On the action of a moving pressure wave on a viscoelastic cylindrical shell interacting with an ideal liquid.

43. Narkabilova, G.
On the importance of developing financial literacy among primary school pupils.

44. Roziqova, G.
Mahmud Kashgari's «Devonu lug'otit turk» and modern Uzbek language.

45. Habibullayev, I.
The role of psychological tools in the depiction of national character (based on Isajon Sultan's novels «Eternal wanderer», «Free»).

46. Goziyeva, M.
The pragmatics of the prosodic means.

47. Turaev, S. S.
Methods of calculating the tax burden on legal entities and directions for improvement.

48. Obitov, N. M.
Influence of Al (Mn Fe) Si dispersoids with different sizes and numerical `density on the microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded alloys of the AA6XXX Al-Mg-Si series with different Mn content.

49. Bobobee, E. D., et al.
State of charge estimation of high-power lithium-ion batteries with improved equivalent circuit modeling and adaptive extended Kalman filtering algorithm.

50. Makhmatkulov, K. M., & Makhmatkuloza, Z. K.
Interference, types, structure, contents and their meanings.

51. Khismatova, K. F.
New approach in teaching colloid chemistry.

52. Duisembiev, E. E., & Tattibekov, K. S.
Investigation of stability conditions for stationary rotation of a spherical gyroscope rotor.

53. Khairova, D. R., & Sayfullaeva, M. I.
Development trends of the cement industry in Uzbekistan.

54. Khatamov, T. A.
Public education in Uzbekistan history of formation.

55. Oteniyazov, P. J.
Karakalpak-Azerbaijani cultural and literary relations (On the example of scientific research of Professor Nizami Mamedov Tagisoy).

56. Bordukh, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Tomilina, L. B., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Features of formation of consumer demand for demanded products in conditions of an unstable market.

57. Saidova, G. A., & Yunusov, S. A.
Restoration of disappointed seeds of tomato varieties.

58. Bordukh, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Belysheva, V. S., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Possibilities of modern innovative technical processes for manufacturing demanded products taking into account consumer preferences and an unstable market.

59. Davlatova, K., & Nematov, O.
Traditional clothes of Jizzakh people.

60. Rafiddinov, S.
Science of inner state in Navoi’s works (Navoiy Asarlarida Hol (Ichki Holat) Ilmi. Internal science in Navoi’s works (Navoiy Asarlarida Diniy/tasavvuf Ilmi).

61. Yuldasheva, N. A.
Issues of active development of the digital economy.

62. Dostiyev, T. M.
Ethnocultural processes in the Western Caspian region in the period of the Great Migration of Nations.

63. Nurimbetov, R. I., & Kakhramonov, K. S.
Introduction of digital technologies in the sphere of housing stock management in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

64. Jie, Z.
The brand effect of Ecological Farm under the background of «Internet +».

65. Nishanbaeva, A. I.
Analysis of derived words according to the model “ARABIC STEM + AFFIXOID ???- -SAZ” IN “HAYRAT AL-ABROR”.

66. Ibragimov, S. O.
Support and development of innovative clusters in the production of building materials in Uzbekistan.

67. Axtyamov, A. E.
Place of advertising text in text typology.

68. Tillaboyeva, G. S., & Umarova, N. R.
The use of artistic anthroponyms in the poems of Alisher Navoi.

69. Kholikova, D. M.
Theoretical and methodological basis of increasing innovative thinking in students.

70. Ashurova, O. A.
Aesthetic education as a factor of professional training of preschool teachers in a pedagogical university.

71. Javadova, H. A., et al.
New biostable lubricating composition for locomotive and industrial diesel engines.

72. A’lamov, G‘. M.
About the givings of persian borrowings in exercises at the textbook of the native languages.

73. Khoshimova, N. A.
Associative fields of the collective and individual conscious.

74. Krakhmaleva, Y. R.
Orthogonal transformation of a quadratic shape in the maple environment.

75. Krakhmaleva, Y. R.
Construction of an orthogonal matrix by means of computer algebra maple.

76. Baisov, A. S.
Defining the role of tandem method in teaching foreign language.

77. Toshpulatova, D. I.
Approaches to translating proverbs of “Kutadgu bilig”.

78. Movlaev, I. H., & Ibrahimkhalilova, G. H.
Compositions based on triple ethylene-propylene copolymer and modified epoxy oligomer mixtures.

79. Mikheeva, A. I.
Physical activity and its impact on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

80. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., Kravchenko, O. A., & Baklanov, A. N.
Atomic absorption determination of Cadmium in sunflower oil.

81. Mamatazizova, E. K., & Mamatazizova, N. K.
Illegal trafficking of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors (under the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic).

82. Mamatazizova, E. K., Mamatazizova, N. K., & Sadieva, A. K.
Current issues of family violence in the internal affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.

83. Nigmatova, D. Y., & Sattorova, M. O.
Professional-oriented approach to teaching a foreign language.

84. Najmiddinova, G. B.
The importance of study medical terminology.

85. Muradova, N.
The importance of german language teaching in student life.

86. Abdunazarova, I. M.
Features of working with a new vocabulary of a foreign language.

87. Makhkamova, M. A.
New requirements for texts when teaching reading in English lessons.

88. Bordukh, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Shcherbakov, D. S., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
New competencies for assessing the reliability of the results of a survey of respondents on topical topics.

89. Dzhumashev, A. M., & Urazova, L. K.
The appearance and condition of the city of Nukus in the middle of the XX century: in memoirs and memoirs.

90. Chemezov, D., et al.
Comparison of the bullet penetration when shooting from the AK-109 assault rifle at the targets made of various metallic and non-metallic materials.

91. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Cognitive computing: models, calculations, applications, results.

92. Yusupdjanova, N. U., & Asadova, M. S.
Clusters in the construction industry - integration, innovation and criteria for economic growth (on the example of the Republic of Uzbekistan).




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