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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 05(85) 2020

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2020

Issue: 05

Volume: 85

Published: 30.05.2020

Pages: 970


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1. Kurpayanidi, K. I., Abdullaev, A. M., & Khudaykulov, A.
Challenges of coping with the economic consequences of the global pandemic COVID-19.

2. Chernobrovkina, S.
Formation of means of marketing communications of machine-building enterprises.

3. Iskandarov, E. B.
Composition of indicators for assessing the innovative potential of construction organizations.

4. Khodjaev, B. K., Nishanova, M. K., & Abralova, Z. D.
Didactic parameters of development historical thinking in the pupils of secondary schools.

5. Rashidova, D. I.
Opportunity to use GIS technology of agriculture in Tashkent region.

6. Taylakov, A. A., Kulmatov, R. A., Khasanov, S. Z., & Khudoyberdieva, G. K.
Development of a visual programming algorithm for bim-models using a module of constructions using a dynamo module.

7. Panjiev, N. P.
Lexical units-elements of the lexical-semantic group of the Russian language.

8. Aymuratova, D. B.
Industry development of the Surkhandarya region.

9. Tupchiev, U. S.
Historical stages of viticulture and viticulture production in Central Asia.

10. Majidov, A., & Majidov, A.
On the impact of the collectivization policy pursued by the Soviet government on the social life of Jizzakh region.

11. Abdiramasheva, K. S.
The role of medical nurses in prevention of cardiovascular pathology.

12. Aitmetova, G. A.
The prevalence of chronic gastritis among students medical faculty.

13. Kenzheeva, K. O., & Tulegenova, I. Z.
Chronic kidney disease (literature review).

14. Abdurahmonova, S. R.
Anaphores in the works of Abdulla Oripov.

15. Kasimova, R. R., & Axmedova, M. F.
Stylistic issues in the novel “If tomorrow comes” by Sidney Sheldon.

16. Mahmudova, U. U.
Effectiveness of advertising language and slogans.

17. Nurmetova, F. I.
From the history of Uzbekistan and South Korean’s economic relations (2000-2020).

18. Artikova, S. M.
About the importance of teaching foreign languages in the republic of Uzbekistan.

19. Ahmedova, D. M., & Maksudova, G. M.
Morphology of the pollen of some cotton species and hybrids.

20. Mamajonov, A.
Expression of cause and effect relationships in the Uzbek language.

21. Ibragimova, E. I.
Aesthetic function of relationships of the addressant.

22. Rakhmanov, B. S., Kulmuratov, N. R., & Ishmamatov, M. R.
Study of joint vibration of soil and underground cylindrical structure of open profile under seismic explosion influence.

23. Safarov, J. I.
Factor analysis as part of general mathematical methods of processing.

24. Yuldashev, S. S., & Karabaeva, M. U.
Soil surface vibrations in the training of metro trains in parallel tunnels.

25. Solieva, M. A.
Features of the implementation of modular teaching English to students of a technical university.

26. Shishinashvili, M. T.
Geotextile in the construction of roads.

27. Каminskaya, E. M.
Creative laboratory: theoretical and practical aspects.

28. Duisembiev, E. E., & Tattibekov, K. S.
Stationary absolute motion of a rigid body in a high-frequency rotational magnetic field.

29. Yuldashev, S. S., & Boytemirov, M.
Influence of the level of the location of the railway canvas on the propagation of waves from train motion.

30. Altundag, M.
Equivalency of lexical items in English translation of A. Kadyri’s book “O’tgan kunlar” (Days gone by).

31. Gulamov, S., Ganiyev, E., & Absalomov, T.
Ways of use of Economic-Mathematical Methods in Implementation of the State Program of Perfection of Continuous Educational System.

32. Abdullayeva, H. M., Berkinova, G. K., Mirzajonova, N. M., & Qaxxarova, K. I.
Distance education system and teaching aids.

33. Yuldasheva, M. A., Mamatkulova, M. S., Mirzayeva, F. M., & Abdisamatov, A.
Use of innovative technologies in primary school reading lessons.

34. Berdieva, M. A., & Tsagaraeva, O. B.
Modern methods of teaching the Russian language in a national audience.

35. Xaliyarov, J. X., & Muminov, B. S.
Elementary concepts of solar photovoltaics in physics education and methods of teaching them.

36. Javharova, S. S., & Javharova, M. S.
Effective ways of developing reading skill in efl learners.

37. Pulatova, I. Z.
Ultrasound examination of lymphadenopathy in the B-mode and using dopplerography of the vessels of the lymph nodes.

38. Salimov, A. M.
Reconstruction and contemporary use of monuments of architecture in Uzbekistan.

39. Kurpayanidi, K. I., & Mukhsinova, S. O.
Public debt as a tool of the state's macroeconomic policy.

40. Rakhmatov, M. G.
Political situations in Uzbekistan and their impact on cultural life (50s years of the twentith Century).

41. Burkhonov, I. M.
“Zakat” has ensured fairness and balance in society.

42. Kholmurzaev, A. A., Polotov, K. K., & Toxirov, I. X.
Methods of using media education in the learning process.

43. Khusanbaev, A. M., Madaminov, J. Z., Botirov, A. A., & Oxunjonov, Z. N.
Effect of radiation on physical-mechanical properties of silk threads.

44. Toshqo’zieva, Z. E., Nurmatova, S. S., & Madaminov, J. Z.
Features of using innovative technologies to improve the quality of education.

45. Yunusova, G. S., & Kazimova, G. K.
Written speech as a type of speech activity when learning a language.

46. Goloperov, I. V., Baklanova, L. V., Shchitinsky, A. M., & Baklanov, A. N.
Improvement of safety of persons with preparability for oncological diseases.

47. Goloperov, I. V., Baklanova, L. V., & Baklanov, A. N.
Improving the safety of persons with a preparedness for the disease of diabetes and hypertension.

48. Goloperov, I. V., Baklanova, L. V., & Baklanov, A. N.
Resolution of the security of elderly people. Development of special salt mixture.

49. Baklanova, L. V., Shchitinsky, A. M., & Baklanov, A. N.
Resolution of people's safety problems under conditions viral infection. Anti-virus sodium.

50. Saidboboev, Z. A.
Russian empire on the study of Central Asia: historical-geographic and cartographic aspects in the first half of the XIX century.

51. Rasulov, T. S., & Abdulhayev, A. N.
Economic security: problems and perspective.

52. Turgunov, O.
The role and significance of elections in Uzbekistan as the main constitutional legal institution and theoretical and legal aspects of development.

53. Sayimbetov, S. O.
General theoretical concepts related to the poem Genre in Karakalpak literature.

54. Yusupova, M.
Wedding ceremony and dishes: modernism and specific features.

55. Ro’ziyeva, M. Y.
Color symbolism in Uzbek folklore.

56. Nazarova, G. P.
The comparative study of the image of fairy in English and Uzbek oral/written literature.

57. Quylieva, G. N.
Plot construction image in Omon Mukhtar's trilogy “To'rt tomon qibla".

58. Tukhsanov, K. R.
Folk proverbs in “Masnavi” and their expression in Uzbek translation.

59. Ahrorova, L.
Reading Togay Murad's story "People walking on the moon".

60. Karimova, F.
The social psychological factors in the successful course of the communication.

61. Saidov, Q. S., & Bekmurodova, M. B.
Complex movement of object.

62. Adizov, B. B.
Principles of strategic management on the example of higher education institutions.

63. Yunusova, G. A.
General virtues of Umar Khayyam's philosophical views.

64. Shigabutdinova, D. Y.
Issues of application of the main principles of comparative literature in the story Genre.

65. Pulatova, Sh.K., & Yusupov, Sh.A.
Enhancement treatments of methods of radicular cysts of jaw.

66. Hasanov, B. B.
Experimental chronic toxic hepatitis and hematological features in the dynamics of lactation in mother and property.

67. Kasimov, F. F.
Methodology of teaching programming technology.

68. Gafforov, S. A., & Djumaev, Z. F.
Assessment of the clinical and functional status of the oral cavity in the course of chronic periodontal tissue pathology in dermatoses.

69. Narzieva, N. A.
The concept of defined target technologies and their role in the educational process.

70. Egamov, Y. S., & Ruziev, A. E.
Substantiation of lymphotropic therapy on the model of ulcer colitis in experiment.

71. Bakaev, N. B., & Shodiev, S. S.
The role of the Latin language in the history of world statehood.

72. Xodjieva, G. R.
“Alisher Navoi” – as a sample of poetic drama.

73. Shoyimova, S. S., Mirzaeva, N. A., & Mirzaeva, S. R.
Personal characteristics of business women.

74. Abdirashidov, A., & Abdurashidov, A.
Stationary solution of some equations of long solitary waves propagating over the surface of the water over a slowly changing inclined bottom.

75. Abdirashidov, A., Aminov, B., & Abdurashidov, A.
The dynamic behavior of an elastoplastic deformable cylindrical shell of infinite length under the influence of radial impulse loading.

76. Malikov, R., Abdirashidova, G., & Abdirashidov, A.
Approximate solution some delay differential equations using combination of the Laplace transform and the variational iteration method.

77. Radjapova, N., & Nazarova, M. N.
International experience in promoting gender equality.

78. Chemezov, D., et al.
Some additions to the rod torsion calculations.

79. Khakkulov, Y. A., & Babaeva, M. A.
Principle of professional direction in mathematical education of future teacher.

80. Chemezov, D., et al.
The strains fields of material during rough planing.

81. Zhang, Y., & Du, Y.
How to form the connection mechanism between fruit farmers and fruit Retailers: Design of an e-commerce platform to optimize upstream value chain.

82. Turaev, L. A.
Codiological analysis of “Rabi’ ul-Abrar” copies in Uzbekistan funds.

83. Musalimov, S. I.
Improvement of mechanism of the calculation and collection of property tax in Uzbekistan.

84. Tashpulatov, A.
Modern forms of self-employment under conditions of recession.

85. Filatova, O. E., & Sabinin, O. Y.
Classification automation of text documents using Oracle means.

86. Ermakova, A. E., & Sabinin, O. Y.
Organization of row level security in PostgreSQL on the example of bank system protection.

87. Eshanqulov, D.
Lexicographic principles of creating educational dictionaries.

88. Abdinazarov, O. Q.
Development of environmental culture in students based on modern educational technologies.

89. Eshаnkulov, S.
Ethnic peculiarities of toponimes of the Zarafshan valley.

90. Indiaminov, R. S., & Butaev, R. B.
Stress-strain state of current-carrying shells in a magnetic field.

91. Mirisaev, A. A., Rajapov, S. S., & Asadova, M. S.
Some issues of attracting foreign investment for modernization and technical re-equipment of the most important areas of the economy.

92. Tangirov, N. A.
Problems of development of the noosphere concept in philosophy and science.

93. Saidova, K. U.
The development of existential thought as a reflection of social reality.

94. Abubakirov, A., Baymuratov, I., Inaev, T., & Uteniyazov, K.
Transaction of sensor errors of conversion of multiphase currents of reactive power sources of electricity supply system.

95. Mamutova, A. Y., Beknazarova, N., Simaganbetova, A., & Kelimbetov, R.
Studying the current state of brucellosis morbidity (literature review).

96. Moldaliyev, I. S., Asanova, D. B., & Ruzdenova, A. S.
Features of professional stress in novice dentists.

97. Moldaliyev, I. S., Mantaeva, N., Arysbaeva, A., & Izbasarova, A.
The state of injuries in a modern city (on the example of the city of Kentau).

98. Moldaliyev, I. S., Mamutova, A. Y., Kosherbaeva, U., Kemelbaeva, G., & Esdauletova, M.
Chronic liver diseases - actual problems of medicine.

99. Moldaliyev, I. S., Eleuov, B., Aliev, Y., & Alieva, Z.
Efficiency of use of stationary mixing technologies in the conditions of the university clinic.

100. Moldaliyev, I. S., Zhusupbekova, M., Khamitzhanov, A., & Dzhantaeva, Z.
A comparative analysis of morbidity indicators for the population of the Turkestan region for 2017-2019.

101. Kuziev, A. U., Muratov, A. K., & Kurbonov, S. S.
Development and effective use of regional multimodal transport networks of transportation.

102. Samiyev, A. S.
The life and benignity activity of Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ismail al - Bukhari.

103. Xolmuminova, O. J.
Perculiarities or family, school and community cooperation in environmental legal education.

104. Khudoyberdiyev, S. M.
Characteristics of early determination of talent in sports in children.

105. Umarova, Z. K.
The relationship between the language of tourism, tourism and social life.

106. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Pankratova, E. S.
Research of the text data vectorization and classification algorithms of machine learning.

107. Khidralieva, Z. R.
The use of primary long vowels in Ikan dialect.

108. Kasimov, A. A.
Peculiarities and similarities of symbolic expression in the novels “The picture of dorian gray” and “The man at the mirror”.

109. Akhmedova, N. S.
Expression of the concept of motherland in Uzbek language.

110. Ashirbaev, S.
Forms of interactions in simple sentences in prose of Alisher Navoi are one of the tools of complicating the sentences.

111. Artikov, N. Y., & Kakhramonov, K. S.
Methods for calculating the discount rate for the evaluation of the cost of objects making income on the example of the republic of Uzbekistan.

112. Mukhammadjonov, M. S., Tursunov, A. S., & Abduraximov, D. R.
Automation of reactive power compensation in electrical networks.

113. Khudayberdiyev, Z. B., & Yaxshiboyev, S. R.
Symmetrical vibrations of a pivotally supported of an elastic two-layer plate.

114. Nunev, S. T.
Social work with a group and creation of conditions for the functioning of the group as a support system.

115. Nunev, S. T.
Methodological aspects of the social work with clients using and addicted to psychoactive substances.

116. Normurodov, C. B., & Mengliyev, I. A.
Numerical modeling of a differential model of sugar diabetes.

117. Kallibekova, G. P.
Use features in the newspapers on the semantic combination of the phrase.

118. Adigezalova, M. N.
Gender and art in the XVII – XIX centuries.

119. Sodiqova, A. H.
Modern equipment of laboratory rooms on the subject of technology.

120. Kuliyeva, D. R.
The use of innovative technologies in teaching sewing.

121. Akmatova, A. T.
Avoiding traffic accidents.

122. Akmatova, A. T.
Problem aspects of use of autotechnical (road-transport) expertise.

123. Osmonov, U. E., Esenov, U. A., & Aydarbekov, J. T.
External accountability of police services as part of reforms.

124. Osmonov, U. E., Esenov, U. A., & Aydarbekov, J. T.
Openness and transparency in the activities of internal affairs agencies of the Kyrgyz republic as a factor of increasing the level of public confidence.

125. Umurzakova, M. E.
The semantic-structural description of segmented constructions of the Uzbek language and the problems of their study.

126. Temirkulov, A. A.
The correct acceptance of the investment decision is a factor of success of implementation of the process.

127. Tuychieva, O. N.
On the problem of training competitive personnel for the digital economy.

128. Achilov, A. N., Payazov, M. M., Akbarov, Z. N., & Madaminov, O. B.
Issues to improving the social situation of the population of the republic of Uzbekistan and the qualitative organization of municipal services.

129. Atabaeva, Z. A., & Khojaev, A. S.
Investment activity and analysis of investment projects.

130. Nazarov, U. A.
Attenuation of detonation waves in gas-suspensions of unitary fuel with layers of inhomogeneous inert particles.

131. Raхimova, G. M.
Problems of accounting and audit of fixed assets.

132. Ergashev, R. R.
The tolerance principle as an important factor of the development of society in Uzbekistan.

133. Karshiev, A. B., Primova, X. A., Nabiyeva, S. S., & Egamkulov, A. S.
Architectural integration problems of MIS.

134. Azbergen, M. I.
The method of calculation of precipitation of the base for flat deformation.

135. Salakhova, E. Z., & Shamsitdinova, M. G.
Advanced pedogogical technologies in education in the 21-st century.

136. Ganieva, O. K.
The essential literary criticism of John Steinbeck’s “The pearl” and Odil Yakubov’s “Mukaddas”.

137. Gapparova, D.
Impact of self-organised learning environment to student performance: wiut experiments.

138. Mehmonov, R., & Parpiev, O.
Pedagogical requirements for physical education teachers.

139. Nazarova, F., & Mamatqulova, D.
Formation of personnel policy in Uzbekistan.

140. Mansurova, N.
Marketing terms in English and Uzbek language.

141. Nurmatova, U. M.
Medical geographical zoning of the territory of Namangan region on public health.

142. Axunova, S. N.
Digital transformation of economic systems producing international business investment activity.

143. Ruzmetova, D. A., & Muratova, N. V.
About comparative analysis of economic terms in English and Uzbek languages.

144. Boltaev, B.
Educational methods aimed at creating a sense of harmony among children in the activities of art circles of orphanages.

145. Khodjaev, J.
The importance of vocal and solfeggio exercises in the process of working with choirs.

146. Riskulova, K. D., & Yuldoshova, U. B.
The role of didactics in teaching process.

147. Safarova, D.
Methodological strategies to teach foreign languages in primary schools.

148. Mukimova, S. K., & Ziyatova, N.
The traditions of Uzbeks and their linguocultural translation on utkir hosimov’s works.

149. Ganiev, N. U.
Problematic onomastics Uzbek language.

150. Hakimov, M. X., & Yakubova, N. D.
Enigmatic texts as an object of linguistic research.

151. Begaliev, J.
Cooperation of Uzbekistan and China: yesterday and today.

152. Abobakirova, O.
Interpretation of the period and heroes in Uzbek children’s stories.

153. Azimov, S. B., & Mamarahimov, K. K.
Perspectives for ethnicity and aesthetics in youth economic activity.

154. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Cognitive model of educational, scientific work of a university professor.

155. Tukhtabaev, A. S.
Issues of studying the history of aviatransport in Uzbekistan.

156. Arabov, N. U., & Bobobekov, B. Q.
Directions of development of regional information system in the labor market.

157. Yuldasheva, S. Q.
Characteristics of distribution of aphis craccivora aphid in the vertical regions of southern Fergana.

158. Usmonov, A. Q., & Usmonov, U. B.
Linguopragmatic characteristics of the Uzbek language equivalent.

159. Jurayev, M.
Genre development of comedy in Uzbek literature: research and perfecting.

160. Karimov, E.
Spiritual education of youth in the context of globalization.

161. Kurbanova, S. M., Madrahimova, M. B., & Abdullayeva, N. K.
In terms of understanding and effective application of pedagogical technologies.

162. Jalilova, M. R.
The communicative approach traditional method of learning a foreign language.

163. Axmedova, Z., & Shoazizova, A.
Modern innovation methods of teaching english.

164. Vakhobov, B. M.
Ethnographic groups of Fergana valley.

165. Boltabaev, B. S.
The election system in Turkestan krai at the beginning of XIX - at the end of XX century.

166. Abdulkhomidova, R. A.
The role of Iskhokhon Tora Ibrat in the socio-cultural development of the Fergana Valley.

167. Tavakkalova, M. O.
Children’s education in the works of Abdulla Avloni.

168. Nasriddinov, S. N.
About the religious monumental architecture of Central Asia.

169. Yusupalieva, D. K.
Development of mutually beneficial cooperation of Uzbekistan within the SCO.

170. Khamidova, N. U.
Oral people's creativity is the great heritage of the people.

171. Mirzaeva, M. N.
Formation of concept and technologies of cultural competence at students of technical universities.

172. Pulatova, S. Y., & Gerasimova, S. S.
About the role of games in teaching English language to preschoolers.

173. Rasulova, D. B.
History of the formation and development of oriental schools in France (in the XVI - early XX centuries).

174. Kholmamatov, O. A.
The emergence of the Russian customs service in Central Asia.

175. Abdunayimova, D.
The professional ethics of lawyers: principles, properties and norms.

176. Khakimova, S. B.
History of hydrographical researches on the Amu Darya in the XIXth century.

177. Nazarova, Z. K.
Teaching methods of listening comprehension.

178. Turdibaeva, R. E.
The formation of legal consciousness as a factor in the development of the spirituality of youth.

179. Pyshkova, E. P., Dmitriev, P. A., & Baklanova, L. V.
Special sodium salt to enhance the safety of athletes.

180. Pyshkova, E. P., Dmitriev, P. A., Baklanova, L. V., & Stavrulov, E. N.
Sodium for safe enhancementsports efficiency.

181. Sherbaeva, N. J., & Siddikova, S. H.
About the story of Sharof Rashidov “Kashmir song”.

182. Khabibullaeva, R. M.
Analysis of pastiche in the novel “The lightning thief” by Rick Riordan.




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