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SOI: 1.1/TAS         DOI: 10.15863/TAS

Just a few simple steps to participate in the conference:

1. Download and fill in the Questionnaire of the participant of the conference. Download Questionnaire (Exel2013)

(You can also fill in the Questionnaire in Office 2003 *Download (Exel2003)* )

2. Edit the report in accordance with the requirements. Download The Requirements (Word2013)

(requirements in Office 2003 *Download the Requirements (Word2003)* )

3. Send e-mail :

Report + Questionnaire

+ photo (optional, is located in the article next to the surname)

4. Get us the exact amount of the payment and details.

5. Pay for your participation and make the e-copy of proof of payment.

(payment is made only after acceptance of the article for publication, on account of the LLP or cash transfer to the name of editor: Kazakhstan, Taraz, Shevtsov Alexandr, tel.87772760681)

6. Send E-mail :

- Copy of the payment


Journal format - A4

Payment for the publication of article is:


US dollars




$ 20




free of charge



Indexing in international databases DOI (USA), ISI(UAE), RISC (Russia), OAJI (Russia), RB (Japan), TEI (Turkey) and others...

free of charge



1 Journal (full color)

$ 10 ( $ 25 )

1 ( 0 )

10 ( 0 )


30 $

You can pay via PayPal



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