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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 09(89) 2020

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2020

Issue: 09

Volume: 89

Published: 30.09.2020

Pages: 480


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1. Kurpayanidi, K. I.
To the problem of doing business in the conditions of the digital economy.

2. Khayrullayeva, K. R.
Description of Zahiriddin Babur’s achievements in various fields in the works of Uzbek and world authors.

3. Bagbekova, L.
Distance education system as a new form of teaching.

4. Hasanov, A. A.
Peculiarities of preparing teachers for the development and use of e-learning resources.

5. Xo'jayev, M. O.
The role of theory and practice in the development of ideological competence in students.

6. Muratov, E. I.
Improving the quality of the educational system of higher educational institutions by means of the involvement of students in the educational process with the use of analytical possibilities of neural network technologies.

7. Zakirova, F. M., & Abdurakhmanova, S.
The use of multimedia technologies for the development of intellectual skills of students.

8. Erkayev, H. A.
Mathematical model of cryptographical historical code algorithms to data security.

9. Urokova, S. B.
Advantages and disadvantages of online education.

10. Suleymanova, R. M.
Technological process of creation of electronic educational resources.

11. Nurmatov, G. M., & Qoraev, A. F.
Analysis of prognostic and basic competencies of primary school teachers.

12. Zharimbetov, E. K.
On the issue of coverage of the problems of karakalpak literature in the karakalpak press.

13. Taspanova, J. G.
Ajiniyaz Khosybaiuly’s World Outlook and the Issues of Youth Education.

14. Bordukh, D. O., et al.
About the features of industrial policy of producing quality and affordable products to consumers in the regions of SFD and NCFD.

15. Bordukh, D. O., et al.
Effectiveness of scientific ways of knowing social and cultural foundations of economic planning, production of competitive and popular products.

16. Botirov, B.
The significance of Khanafi masterpieces written in the 12th сentury in Movarounnakhr.

17. Sayfullayev, M.
Ideological and lyrical interpretation of the topics of freedom, motherland and enlightenment (On the example of poems published in “Al-Izah” magazine).

18. Blagorodov, A. A., Bordukh, D. O., & Prokhorov, V. T.
Possibilities of preventive measures and corrective measures to reduce pathological foot abnormalities in children (message 5).

19. Borduch, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
How to ensure sustainable demand for the products of the fashion industry consumers in the regions of SFD and NCFD.

20. Bekpulatov, U. R.
Physical style of thinking - methodological basis for the formation of a scientific worldview.

21. Shumskaya, L. M., & Komarova, I. K.
The fate of intellectual elite in Z.N. Hippius's St. Petersburg diaries of 1914-1919.

22. Borduch, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Features of digital production management of import-substituting products within the framework of Gost R 57189-2016/ISO/TS 9002-2016 standard.

23. Bordukh, D. O., et al.
On the importance of immanent features for effective economic planning of production of competitive products.

24. Begaliev, R. D.
Scientific activity of Alouddin Bukhari.

25. Isayev, A.
Feature of modeling a resource-saving mobile unit.

26. Yazdanov, U. T., & Taniqulov, J. A.
Criteria for evaluating public opinion.

27. Bekniyazova, S. N.
The role of E-learning in education.

28. Xodjanov, M. I.
Some funeral arrangements for Uzbeks living in Karakalpakstan.

29. Haqqulov, I.
About the study of Cho’lpon's poetry abroad.

30. Dehkanova, K. A.
Mining law as a branch of law of the Kyrgyz Republic.

31. Dehkanova, K. A.
On the issue of improving the legal regulation of subsoil use relations in the Kyrgyz Republic.

32. Chemezov, D., et al.
Damage and necrosis of biological tissues under the action of low and high temperatures.

33. Musaev, R.
Necessity of protection of service enterprises from dishonest competitors in dynamically developing conditions of economy.

34. Ataullayev, A. O., & Sabov, M. F.
Metalworking manufacturing enterprises based on CNC machines.

35. Eshankulov, X. M.
Psychological and pedagogical models identification of interests, inclinations, professional and labor qualities of schoolchildren.

36. Alieva, J. R.
2 local two-sided simmetric multiplications in the Banach alggebra of matrix.

37. Khasanova, G. K.
Some comments about the communicative process of the text.

38. Kendjaeva, G. F.
The methods of translating phraseological units in the Russian and English translations of the novel "Days Gone by" by Abdulla Qadiri.

39. Akhmedov, K. I., Isaev, D. T., Ashurov, K. K., & Salimjonov, K.
Influence of integrated machining on the cutting capacity of fast-cutting steel R6M5.

40. Ataullaev, A. O., Kayumov, B. B., & Asadova, M. A.
Implementation of the intelligent tracking system with wave channels.

41. Mahmudova, M. J.
Innovative approach to creating educational tasks for the subject of the economic and social geography of the world.

42. Tagaynazarova, R. A.
Linguistic features of contominational and apotropeic names in the system of anthroponyms: an example of the system of Anthroponyms of Uzbekistan.

43. Mugeni, G. B., et al.
Determinants for the Adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) for Flood and Drought Disaster Management in Kenya.

44. Mukhtarov, B.
The work of “Al-Fiqh an-Nofe’” and its comments.

45. Po’latova, M. I., Kulmuratov, N. R., & Ishmamatov, M. R.
Natural vibrations of viscoelastic cylindrical shells.

46. Kulmuratov, N. R., Rustamov, A. M., Ashurov, X. X., & Mamadiyarov, A. J.
Various issues in the field of setting nonstationary dynamic problems and analyzing the wave stress state of deformable media.

47. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Algorithm for «decreasing the "subjective level of individual ratings».

48. Radjabova, B. T.
Image of Navoi in "Baburname".

49. Malikov, M. R., Rustamov, A. A., & Ne’matov, N. I.
Strategies for development of medical information systems.

50. Ergashev, K.
Creative consciousness and style (On the example of the work of Alisher Navoi).

51. Aliyarov, O. A.
Innovations and investments: the essence, interaction and role in the reproduction process.

52. Mannopov, I. S.
The issue of authorship of the poetics in "Divani hikmat".

53. Kazakova, R. M.
About the nature of the plot of a fairy tale.

54. Artikov, U.
Medieval features and material culture of the ancient capital Akhsikent.

55. Djurayev, M.
Headline is an important element of newspaper texts.

56. Adizov, A. J., Sharipov, Q. B., & Salaev, D. S.
The impact of the hidden economy on economic security and investment environment.

57. Latipova, S. B.
Description of human’s spirit in “Anoyining jaydari olmasi” story by Erkin A’zam.

58. Farmonov, B. B.
Etymology of zoonyms in Uzbek language.

59. Anorqulov, S. I.
Toponyms as culturally significant language units.

60. Khomidjonov, A. O., Usmanov, K. H., Dadoboyev, F. M., & Turgunov, A. N.
Study and analysis of the method of gluing in the preparation of leather products.

61. Norkulova, K. T., Matyakubova, P. M., Mamasalieva, M. I., & Mamatkulov, M. M.
Improve the quality of the final product and save energy when drying with oil coolants and IR radiation.

62. Norkulova, K. T., Matyakubova, P. M., Mamatkulov, M. M., & Mamasalieva, M. I.
Heat energy regeneration in the process of integrated drying of agricultural products.

63. Nasrulloeva, N. S.
Computer and the internet jargons as acomplicated linguistic phenomenon.

64. Shermatov, E. Y.
Specific training of professional vocabulary of the English language for students of journalism.




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