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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 11(91) 2020

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2020

Issue: 11

Volume: 91

Published: 30.11.2020

Pages: 598


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1. Tkach, D. V., & Kurpayanidi, K. I.
Some questions about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the development of business entities.

2. Shamsitdinova, M.
Implementation of IT and ICT into education: Multimedia Technologies in Creating and Using Electronic Books.

3. Muminov, R. O., & Boynazarov, G. G.
Analysis of dynamic and hardness parameters rotation and feeding systems of the drilling rig.

4. Tolibova, G. R.
The role of modern communicative linguistics in the process of intensive learning foreign languages.

5. Turakhodjaev, N., et al.
Effect of metal crystallation period on product quality.

6. Jalilova, M.
Modern approach to teaching English in higher education.

7. Djumaniyazova, E. Q.
Technology of the improve creative project activities of students in the teaching foreign language.

8. Utemuratova, Z. A.
The use of motivational features of gaming technology in the study of the Russian language in non-linguistic universities.

9. Abdullayev, A. N., & Shukurov, L.
Development of full-text documents used in the activities of universities without dictionary algorithms for controlling spelling errors.

10. Juraev, H.
Approaches and tools for stimulating the economic development of the state's regions in the face of increasing external influences and uncertainty.

11. Mirakhmedov, F. T., Yunusova, D. S., & Tozhiboev, M. M.
Methods of development of speed abilities of swimmers.

12. Shodiyev, A. A.
Accounting in Uzbekistan (accounts).

13. Berdiyeva, M.
Intellectual development in preschool education.

14. Daniyarova, Z. Z.
A person’s name is a cultural sign.

15. Rakhmanova, A. A.
The role of parallel text in corpus linguistics.

16. Pazilova, N., & Sultonov, H.
Peculiarities of and dealing with learner age diversity in EFL student groups.

17. Rustamova, H. X., & Pazilova, N.
Teaching pharmacological terminology to college students.

18. Yusupova, S. T., & Anvarova, F. A.
Linguoculturological investigation of zoonyms in English and Uzbek.

19. Akhmedov, B. Y., & Hamidova, I. O.
Interpretation of spirituality in classical literature.

20. Marziyaev, J. K., & Qudaybergenov, M. A.
Children's press in Karakalpakstan: problems and solutions.

21. Alimova, M., & Nazarova, Y.
21st Century Trends: Student-centered instruction in EFL teaching and learning.

22. Abdulvokhidov, E.
Pedagogical thought in the journalism of Chingiz Aitmatov.

23. Abdullayeva, N. A., & Shoxidova, M. K.
Significase and role of teaching listening and speaking skills in English.

24. Ahmedova, S. N.
“HUMAYUN-NAMA” by Gulbadan Begim is a magnificent contribution to the field of litterature.

25. Mirzaev, S. T.
The method of development of endurance swimmers.

26. Aripova, V. B.
Concept of technology of physical education of children of senior preschool age 5-6 years by means of national and outdoor games of sports orientation.

27. Bordukh, D. O., et al.
On the formation of effective purchasing behavior among consumers of high-quality and affordable products on the domestic and international market.

28. Umaraliev, S.
Siraj al-din Ushi's teachers on hadith.

29. Bordukh, D. O.
About the advantages of innovative technologies for manufacturing competitive high quality and affordable products.

30. Bratoeva-Vasileva, E. T.
Analysis of the implementation models of social work in persons with oncological diseases.

31. Irismetov, M. E., Azizov, A. M., Stupina, N. V., & Khakimov, A. D.
Dysplastic coxarthrosis surgical treatment option choice differential tactics literature review.

32. Shishinashvili, M. T., & Chubinidze, G. A.
The methods of ice removal from motor roads.

33. Chuliyeva, V. E.
The problem of personality in philosophical and anthropological views of Baha al-din Walad and Jalal ad-din Rumi.

34. Bordukh, D. O.
On the effectiveness of simulation models for the production of affordable products for consumers in the domestic and international markets.

35. Hajiyeva, V.
Political scene and political culture in the clash of generations: analysis of early parliamentary elections on February 9, 2020 in Azerbaijan.

36. Sadriddinzoda, S. S.
Reflection of demonology in art and literature in England during the renaissance and enlightenment.

37. Begmatova, D. M.
The role of professional socialization of youth in family and the impact of pedagogical conditions on its of ensuring.

38. Salamova, L. A., Baratova, M. R., & Islamov, N. H.
Does bacterial vaginosis cause pelvic inflammatory disease?.

39. Islamov, N. H., Baratova, M. R., & Salamova, L. A.
Factors related to the efficiency of treatment by a doctor-dermatovenerologist and the recommended treatment of gonorrhea.

40. Baratova, M. R., Salamova, L. A., & Islamov, N. H.
Epidermal parasitic skin diseases as a neglected category of diseases related to poverty.

41. Akmatova, A. T.
Characteristic of the school's working system for car accident prevention.

42. Akmatova, A. T.
Features and causes of violations of traffic rules among schoolchildren.

43. Toktorov, E. S.
Theoretical problems of understanding the essence of operational investigative activities.

44. Toktorov, E. S., & Toktorov, A. E.
Possibilities of optimizing the interaction between the investigator and the inquiry bodies during the operational support of the investigation.

45. Zholdoshov, M. A.
On the issue of religious extremism: concept, essence and problems.

46. Ghufran, M. A., & Aref, S. B.
Study Effect the Temperature of Preparation and Annealing on TiO2 Characterizations.

47. Fazilov, F. M.
General review of the concept of victimology.

48. Nzamatdinova, D. K.
Using strong comparisons with bird names in Karakalpak folk dastans.

49. Turaeva, B.
Chronotop as an aesthetic category.

50. Chemezov, D., et al.
Experimental study of tensile failure of the steel specimen.

51. Khudoyorovа, N. N.
Alisher Navoi's views on comparative linguistics.

52. Nazarova, L.
Stylistic usage of Uzbek phraseology: importance for speech culture learning.

53. Ismoilov, S. S.
Financial analysis with the application of IFRS.

54. Ismoilov, S. S.
The role of analytical procedures in the audit of the company's financial results.

55. Raxmatova, S. S.
Features of accounting in the service sector.

56. Khamzaeva, D. S.
The problem of seasonality in tourism.

57. Yunusova, G. A.
Formation of practical skills and abilities of students on the basis of Khazankin technology.

58. Khamrokulov, G. H., Barakaev, N., Yunusova, K., & Rajabov, A.
Signs of quality of local grain varieties and methods of their determination.

59. Kuldoshov, N. U., Kulmuratov, N. R., & Ishmamatov, M. R.
Numerical solution of the problem of the action of a plane unsteady elastic wave on cylindrical bodies.

60. Primov, S. U.
The sources of the work “At-Tamhid fi bayanit tawhid” by Abu Shakur as-Salimi al-Keshi.

61. Babaxanova, D. A.
Methodological features of the types of sentences in the Uzbek language according to the purpose of expression.

62. Mirzayeva, Z. A., & Soliyev, Y.
The Role of Body Language in Teaching English.

63. Bekpulatov, U. R., & Toshev, I. I.
Principles of dissymmetry and entropy as the basis of modern scientific worldview.

64. Xudayberdiyev, E. N., Samandarov, L. K., & Nasriddinov, K. R.
Improving the effectiveness of teaching nuclear physics using the principle of historicity.

65. Alkhayatt, A. H. O., & Ahmed, M. R.
Reaction temperature effect on the structural, surface texture and optical properties of CdS nanostructure thin films deposited by hydrothermal method.

66. Al-Kawwaz, S. M. H., & Al-Tamimi, M. J. T.
A Pragma-Rhetorical Study of Persuasion in American and Iraqi Billboards.

67. Tleuniyazova, G. B.
Compositional features of lyrical works in Karakalpak literature.

68. Muminova, D. A.
The book is the light of the heart, the wing of thinking.

69. Kuldasheva, M. N.
The use of active educational technologies in teaching the subject «World economic and social geography».

70. Abdurahmanov, S. A., & Askarova, M. B.
Historical anthroponymis of the Uzbek language (Based on Salohiddin Tashkendi's «Temurnoma»).

71. Ubaydullaev, S. N., Zhўrabaev, B. R., Rakhimov, K. T., Dadaboev, S. M., & Akhmedova, S. N.
Translation is a means of cross-cultural communication.

72. Mansurova, K. K., Babakhanov, M. Y., Turdiev, X. Z., & Shamsiddinov, U. Z.
Intercultural communication as a basis for learning a foreign language.

73. Tajibaeva, D. E.
Ideas of a rebellious spirit in modern Uzbek poetry.

74. Nesterov, A. S., & Bednazh, V. A.
On comparison of the root sets of functions belonging to the weight classes Bergman.

75. Mikheeva, A. I.
Health benefits of regular physical activity: a literature review.

76. Chemezov, D., et al.
2D and 3D profiles of flat surfaces after high-speed milling.

77. Ashurov, M. S., & Mo’ydinova, G. Q.
Conflict management in the labor collectives of Uzbekistan enterprises.

78. Yusupov, I. I., Qobulova, N. J., Xojiev, A. A., & Vaxobov, A.
To reduce global climate island focused local cooperation.

79. Mamatov, A., Parpiev, A., & Kayumov, A.
Mathematical models of the heat and mass exchange process during pneumo-transportation of cotton-raw.

80. Shukurova, B. B.
Reading in the process of literary education diagnosis of culture and modern approach to correction.

81. Kodirova, D. N.
Characteristics of water exchange in the phase of wax maturation of varieties.

82. Ismatov, S. A., & Ortikov, S. M.
The population bandhini tamines, Turmus of Regine oshirildi humiliation Tagirova and using Uzbekistana characteristic.

83. Shodiyev, A. A.
Accounting models.

84. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Transformation of a system of equations into a system of sums of cognitive meaning of variability of individual consciousness indicators.

85. Khodjaeva, D. I., & Mustafoeva, P. U.
Phonetic and grammatical assimilation of borrowed words.

86. Keldiyorova, N.
Themantic scope and interpretation of poetic images in Azim Suyun’s poetry.

87. Muftizade, G. A.
Interpretation of world dramatic art in Uzbek theatre.

88. Norkulova, D. U.
Improving applied arts classes based on modern information technology.

89. Khamrokulov, G. H., Ismoilov, B., Alimbaev, S., Abduraxmonov, O., & Ochilov, M.
The issues of providing food safety in agriculture.

90. Khamrokulov, G. H., Khasanova, D., Djumaniyozova, M., & Sayfullayeva, Z.
Research of natural honey by sensor and physico-chemical methods.

91. Yakubova, S. S.
Deposit policy of commercial banks and ways of its effective formation.

92. Djumayeva, S.
The place and significance of the number seven in ancient faith and mythology.

93. Isoyev, B., & Juraeva, M. E.
Poetic analysis of Zulfiya Israilova's work.




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