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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 03(95) 2021

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2021

Issue: 03

Volume: 95

Published: 30.03.2021

Pages: 430


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1. Abarro, R. Q., & Asuncion, J. E.
Metacognition in chemistry education.

2. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., Baklanov, A. N., & Kravchenko, O. A.
An analysis of brines for chromium content by spectrophotometric method using co-precipitation concentration.

3. Karimkhodjaev, N., Turakhujayeva, N. N., & Mirzakarimov, R. H.
Development of the foundations of integrated methods of teaching theoretical knowledge in the distance education system using information technology.

4. Quliyeva, A. N., & Allahverdiyeva, G. Z.
Modeling of the coking process.

5. Akhmetov, A. A., Karimov, A. K., Kambarova, D. U., & Begmatov, D. K.
Issues of ensuring the operability of the mechanism for changing the base of a four-wheel tractor.

6. Rasulov, S. H., Rasulova, M. S., & Elmurodov, S. G.
How gamification influences consumer’s brand perception. Google T-Rex Run case.

7. Meyliyeva, G.
Application of innovative technologies in English language.

8. Badalova, M. O.
From the history of resettlement (1920-1930 on the example of the Fergana Valley).

9. Ismoilov, M. I., Ismoilova, M. M., & Mutalibkhonova, M. F.
Creativeness and its importance in problem solving.

10. Babajanova, N.
The role of information technology in the development of speech competence.

11. Islamova, T. R.
Features of the communicative approach in teaching English.

12. Gulamov, S. S., Shermukhamedov, A. T., & Haitmatov, U. T.
Methodological aspects of statistical analysis of the digital economy in Uzbekistan.

13. Proshina, O. M.
Model of information and analytical support system for fire safety management of educational complexes major cities and agglomerates.

14. Matibaev, T. B., & Shermuxammedova, A.
Trends in the transformation of art through social media.

15. Zhanatauov, S. U., & Niyazbayev, A. K.
Digital model of the hydraulic motor operation.

16. Obidjonova, M.
Genre features of science fiction, fantasy, and “fantastika” in some short stories of Ray Bradbury and Hojiakbar Shaykhov.

17. Musinov, S., & Musinova, G.
Development of the category "Representations" in the optimization of the cognitive process.

18. Abdieva, D. K.
Acquisition of Pedagogy via E-learning.

19. Movlaev, I. H.
Preparation and study of rubber mixture based on butadiene-nitrile rubber SKN-40M and modified spent polyethylene.

20. Gaffarova, G. G., & Abdullaeva, M. N.
Sufism and «Сross-cutting problem» in the interpretation of epistemology.

21. Turaeva, D. D.
Improving Interactive Skills of Learners in L2.

22. Turaeva, D. D.
Importance of Drama in Acquisition Russian language.

23. Muhammadjonova, N. I.
Interactive methods in teaching ESP.

24. Khujanova, M. I., & Yuldashev, S. B.
English as a component of the system of basic elements of scientific knowledge at the initial stage of education.

25. Maksumova, U. A.
The relevance of foreign language proficiency in the modern world.

26. Azimbaeva, R. Y.
Modern methods of teaching English.

27. Erdanova, S. A.
The linguistic nature of symbol imaginative literature.

28. Ruzieva, G. K.
Methodological principles of intensive training of philology students in the second foreign language.

29. Sagatov, A. A.
Development of painting of Uzbekistan in the period of independence.

30. Avulchayeva, F. D.
Improving business models based on a strategic approach.

31. Kakhramonov, K. S.
Comprehensive assessment and methods of increasing the efficiency of housing and communal services management in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

32. Kadirova, S. M.
Stage searches in the Uzbek theater.

33. Yusupov, Y.
Revenue improvement issues of commercial banks.

34. Kholikov, Z. O., & Abdullayeva, N. A.
The use of metaphor, analogy, and contrast in works.

35. Sidiqov, Q. A.
Conducted researches on “Kutadgu bilig” in Uzbekistan.

36. Chemezov, D., et al.
The influence of the cutting tool geometry on the intensity of shear stress of the blank material.

37. Abiev, N. A., & Turar, Z.
Implementation in maple the seqular terms elimination method for nonlinear oscillations.

38. Yuldashov, A. A.
Equilibrium of liquid in moving vessels.

39. Danso, S. A., et al.
Optimizing YOLOv3 detection model using terahertz active security scanned low-resolution images.

40. Atadjanov, S. K., Khakimov, O. S., Kurbonov, S. P., Otakuziev, A. Z., & Nosirov, M. M.
Modern aspects of diagnosis and treatment of acute calculus cholecystitis in patients with increased operational risk (Literature review).

41. Alidjanova, M. R.
Preparing primary school pupils for international assessment research.

42. Tursunova, I.
Mental arithmetics.

43. Kholdarova, I. V.
The folk's discoveries and generative lexemes.

44. Isomiddinova, M. O., & Umarova, M. A.
Organizing lessons based on modern information technologies in elementary school classes.

45. Zokirova, S. M., & Axmedova, D. O.
Working with borrowings given in dictionaries of primary school textbooks.

46. Izzatullayeva, G. A.
Psychosocial state of students during the COVID-19 pandemic (literature review).

47. Tulegenova, I. J., Dosmetova, Z. K., Sultankhodjayev, Z. K., & Bazarbayeva, S. U.
Visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue as a risk factor for developing diabetes (literature review).

48. Irisova, S. R.
The importance of interactive methods in the development of preschool education.

49. Danso, S. A., et al.
Generative Adversarial Network Aided Security Check with Terahertz Images Using Improved YOLOv3.

50. Blagorodov, A. A., Bordukh, D., Shcherbakov, D. S., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
The role and importance of the mineral resources of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) for the modern development of its regional regions.

51. Khudayberdiyev, Z. B., Achilov, J. S., & Usanov, R. S.
Symmetrical vibrations of an elastic three-layer plate.

52. Khudayberdiyev, Z. B., Khudayberdiyeva, S. M., & Amirov, I. N.
Non-stationary vibrations of three-layered elastic conical shell.

53. Blagorodov, A. A., Bordukh, D. O., Shcherbakov, D. S., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Formation of interconnection of the Railway and the Northern sea route for the solution and implementation of the development strategy of the Arctic zone of the Russian federation until 2035.

54. : Blagorodov, A. A., Bordukh, D. O., Shcherbakov, D. S., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Features of industrial policy in the framework of implementation of the development strategy of the Arctic zone of the Russian federation (AZRF) until 2035.

55. Shron, L., Bogutskiy, V., & Yagyaev, E.
About the influence of welding defects on the opera-tionality of T-beam welded compounds with the corner seams.

56. Chemezov, D., et al.
The static analysis of engagement of cylindrical gear wheels.

57. Gordeeva, E., Shron, L., & Bogutskiy, V.
Investigation of vector and scalar properties of steel 45 on three-link deformation trajectories.

58. Khalafova, I. A., & Ismailova, Z. I.
Intensification of the catalytic cracking process under the influence of a magnetic field.

59. Kdyrbaeva, G. K.
Verballation of conceptual field units as “маn” – “adam” in folklore texts.

60. Sadigova, A. Z.
Optically active 2-amine-4-aryl-7,7-dymethyl-5-oxo-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-4H-chromene-3-carbonitriles synthesized with the participation of khiral organic catalystys and study of antimicrobal properties.

61. Kurbonov, N. M., & Ibragimova, K. A.
Mathematical modeling of the problem of gas filtration in porous media by the method of coordinate splitting.

62. Kasimova, R. R., Ziyadullayev, A. R., & Ziyadullayeva, A. A.
The nature of the culture bound words and problems of translation.

63. Tojiyeva, D. S.
Teaching foreign language through effective ways of communication and role playing activities.

64. Yakubova, S. S.
Analysis of country debt policies and its effective governance.

65. Abdulkhakova, N. K.
Opportunities to use the experience of the European union countries in increasing the capital of commercial banks.




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