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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 07(99) 2021

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2021

Issue: 07

Volume: 99

Published: 30.07.2021

Pages: 194


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1. Akhunova, Y.
Dynamics of the main statistical indicators of household development in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

2. Kurbanov, D., & Zaripov, B. P.
Lingua-cultural and lingua-poetic features of limited layer words used in Utkir Hoshimov's novel “Ikki eshik orasi”.

3. Rajabboev, J. J., & Sapayev, V. O.
Internal spiritual mental mechanisms encouraging young people to creative activity.

4. Marufova, Z.
Implementation through zoonyms of expression of eastern beauty.

5. Miniakhmetov, A. A., & Khamzina, E. A.
Some features of the use of didactic games in mathematics lessons in the formation of mental and psychological processes of students.

6. Al-Otaibi, B. T.
Language personality of the translator in newspaper text.

7. Al-Otaibi, B. T.
Language personality of the author in newspaper text.

8. Tojiboyev, I. U.
The semantics of proverbs and sayings and their peculiarities.

9. Akbarov, O. E.
Interpretation of the image of the teacher in the works of Chingiz Aitmatov.

10. Turgunov, M.
State and prospects of the Republic of Uzbekistan in international ratings of innovation development.

11. Sagdiev, M. T., Amanova, M. M., & Omonlikov, A. U.
Influence of growth regulators on seed germinating ability, plant growth and photosynthesis activity of arugula.

12. Tatvidze, M. L.
Research of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in fruits of rosehip.

13. Chemezov, D., Pavlukhina, I., Stepanov, O., Zubatov, D., & Tarasov, M.
Damage analysis of concrete.

14. Uraimov, J., & Abdurazaqov, N.
Age and gender detection from live cameras for future smart shopping stores.

15. Zokiriv, M. M.
Correction of cognitive impairments in patients with HIV-associated encephalopathy.

16. Shen, G.
Study on the Utilization of Third-Line Construction in Rural Areas.

17. Yakubjanov, N. Q.
The foreign policy strategy of the Russian empire and the goals of the tsarist resettlement policy in Turkestan.

18. Usmonov, N. N., & Ostonakulov, T. E.
Influence summer of siderate cultures on fertility of soil, the crop and quality of the potato.

19. Tangirbergenova, K.
Development of domestic and foreign trade in the Amudarya division in the second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries.

20. Shalamberidze, M. M., & Sokhadze, Z. P.
Development of polymeric composite materials for the bottom of footwear.

21. Akhmedieva, A. T.
Economic prerequisites for the development of leasing investment in the republic of uzbekistan.

22. Sokhadze, Z. P., & Shalamberidze, M. M.
Solvability of weighted initial problem for the high-order non-linear functional-differential equations.

23. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., & Kravchenko, O. A.
Atomic-absorption determination of copper and iron in oil.

24. Mirzayeva, F.
Hygienic assessment of nutrition of teenager in mental sports.

25. Ahrorova, R. U.
Semantic analysis of phraseological units representing “youth” in French and Uzbek languages.

26. Sultashova, O., & Ubaydullaev, K. D.
Development of animal husbandry in the territory of the republic of Karakalpakstan in difficult ecological conditions.

27. Kunnazarov, U. B., & Kunnazarova, K. J.
Influence of agrochemical properties on growth and development of corn plant.

28. Shodmanov, J. A., & Boymirzaev, A. S.
Compressible and bendable highly flexible double network gel polymer electrolytes for supercapasitors.

29. Tukhtabaev, J. S.
Assessment of indicators of investment activity from the point of view of strengthening economic security.

30. Erejepova, J. U.
On the linguistic status of modern English phrasal verbs.

31. Khamroev, T. T., Sanoev, Z. I., Rakhimboev, S. D., Abdinazarov, I. T., & Rashidov, S. Z.
Effect of anti-arrhythmic substance N – dezacetyllapoconitin on the central nervous system.

32. Zhanatauov, S. U.
A behavioral model of demand with specified prices and with a variable sum of expenses.

33. Altmisheva, Y. M.
Adequacy of the translation of religious content in Baburnam.

34. Baydjanov, B. K.
Pedagogical and psychological features of the development of information competence in future teachers.

35. Mamatkabilov, A. K.
Mathematical models of curvilinear and rectilinear motion of a car taking into account the elasticity and deformability of tires.




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