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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 02(106) 2022

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2022

Issue: 02

Volume: 106

Published: 28.02.2022

Pages: 650


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1. Markelov, G. E.
Parallel connection of PTC thermistors.

2. Aminova, D.
Modern methods of teaching a foreign language.

3. Shcherbakov, D. S., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., Zverev, S. M., & Volkova, G. Y.
Features of creating prerequisites for solving the tasks by light industry enterprises in the sustainable manufacture of priority products demanded by consumers of the south and NCFD regions.

4. Bazarov, Z. M.
On cognitive modeling of intuition and creativity in translation: an interpretive-semiotic approach.

5. Abdurakhmanova, F. M.
Psychosemantic features of translation into English in the scientific literature.

6. Sultonov, B. E., Saparov, A. A., & Isaqova, G. A.
Infulience of specifying the type of precipitating agents to qualitative changes of fertilizer precipitates, obtaned on base phosphorities of central Kyzylkum and nitric acid.

7. Abdullaev, N. H.
History of caricature art in Uzbekistan.

8. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., & Baklanov, A. N.
Superhigh-frequency ultrasound in the intensification of acid extractions of lead and cadmium from fats and oils.

9. Djuraev, A. D., & Chuliev, Sh. S.
Geometric parameters of the bevel gear and its calculations.

10. Abdiraxmonova, G. Sh., & Kilichova, E. Kh.
The importance of music in childhood.

11. Muratov, B. A.
International relations of the state museum of history of Uzbekistan.

12. Yusupova, Z. Sh.
Methodology of increasing student level of physical preparation through physical education classes in primary education.

13. Karimova, M. Zh., & Nurmatova, M. Kh.
Syntaxic convergence and its role in creating the expressiveness of a artwork.

14. Chemezov, D., et al.
Reference data of pressure distribution on the surfaces of airfoils having the names beginning with the letter F.

15. Abdurashidova, N. A.
Why blended learning: the meaning of BL for teachers.

16. Azizov, A. M., & Hajiyeva, I. B.
Interaction of quaternary salts of 1,2-aminoalcohol with сoncentrated aqueous liquids of alkali.

17. Karshiev, D. A., Muradov, F. A., & Shirinov, V. N.
Numerical solution of the problem of harmful emissions spread in the atmosphere by the method of splitting into physical processes.

18. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., Kravchenko, O. A., & Baklanov, A. N.
Atomic-absorption determinartion of lead, copper and cadmium in brines using co-precipitation concentraining on two component collector.

19. Solomatov, V. I., Mamajonov, A. U., Yunusaliev, E. M., & Qosimov, L. M.
The formation of concrete macrostructure.

20. Akhmedov, J. Z., & Kudratova, I. T.
Prospects for the development of the tourism industry in Uzbekistan.

21. Muminova, G. K.
Pathology of the diaphragm: diaphragmatic hernia, etiology, diagnosis, treatment.

22. Djabbarov, I. Sh., & Ruziev, F. A.
Estimation of grain quality of inspecies hybrids of spring soft wheat at early stages of breeding.

23. Alimdjanova, D. N., & Berdiev, D. V.
Theoretical methodological fundamentals improving pedagogical terms of implementation of author technologies.

24. Babarakhmatov, B. B.
Role of the trainer in the psychological training of the athlete in out-school work on physical education and sport.

25. Мamatakhunov, N. A.
The history of the scientific heritage of Abu Nasr al-Iyadi and the formation of the ideological school «Dar al-Iyadiya».

26. Yakhshilikov, J. J.
Analysis of the stability of industrial development of the Samarkand region and the dynamics of factors influencing it.

27. Chemezov, D., et al.
The deformation degree of high-strength concrete after the bullet impact.

28. Tilyakhodjaeva, G. B.
Varicose vein disease of the lower extremities as a topical problem in medical practice.

29. Kasimakhunova, A. M., & Shakhodjaev, M. A.
Teaching students and imparting skills of scientific experimental research.

30. Shcherbakov, D. S., Tikhonov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Features of developing a strategy for the development of manufacture of products that have priority and preferences from consumers of the South and NCFD regions.

31. Hojieva, I. A.
«Improving innovative project-based methods of teaching social media marketing (SMM) in the digital economy» (on the example of economic universities).

32. Ilkhamova, E. S., & Srimbetova, D. A.
E-commerce as a modern trend in the development of the digital economy in Uzbekistan.

33. Azhiev, A. B., & Uzakbaeva, G. B.
Scientific bases of protection of wild relatives of cultivated plants of Karakalpakstan.

34. Dalerov, A. D.
Direct stenting of the anterior descending coronary artery (description of a clinical case).

35. Xamidov, V. S., & Yusupov, R. M.
Create a multimedial electronic educational guide with the possibilities of the wysiwyg web builder author's tool.

36. Yusupov, Sh. A., Atakulov, J. O., Shakhriev, A. K., & Davranov, B. L.
The influence of genetic factors on the development of urolithiasis in childhood.

37. Siddikov, A. J.
Development of a critical level of indicative indicators for diagnosing the macroeconomic balance of Uzbekistan.

38. Shcherbakov, D. S., Tikhonov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Methodological aspects of stabilizing the activities of manufacturers of products that have priorities and preferences among consumers in the regions of the Southern Federal District and the North Caucasus Federal District.

39. Shcherbakov, D. S., Tikhonov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
The quality management system is the basis of technical regulation for the production of import-substituting products.

40. Elida, S., Yulita, P. A., & Hamidi, W.
Marketing analysis of red chilli (Capsicum annuum) in Seberida District, indragiri hulu regency, Riau province.

41. Usmonov, U. Sh.
Historical stages of sculpture of Uzbekistan.

42. Shcherbakov, D. S., Tikhonov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Learning - as a factor of educating the enterprise team within the quality management system for the manufacture of their preferred products by consumers of the regions.

43. Shcherbakov, D. S., Tikhonov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Features of the concept of a sales market for finished products, depending on the life cycle.

44. Dolieva, N. V.
Stages of development of Uzbek applied art.

45. Akbarkhujaev, A. A.
Traditional principles of miniature art of Uzbekistan.

46. Akxunova, Sh. N.
Environmental issues in Uzbekistan and mechanisms for its solution.

47. Shermatova, G.
The role of a lawyer in criminal proceeding-law-court as a participant and his/her role in criminal juvenile proceedings.

48. Sunnatov, M. N.
Institutional mechanisms for managing the intellectual property market in the innovation process.

49. Shcherbakov, D. S., Tikhonov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Prerequisites for the efficiency of domestic shoe enterprises in the new conditions of market relations.

50. Khalliyeva, N.
Ways to increase the role of tourism in employment in Uzbekistan. The case of Bukhara.

51. Ruzmetov, R. T.
Dynamics of the psychofunctional state of football players after the course of neurobiofeeding.

52. Ruzmetov, R. T.
Optimization of the training process of young football players in the preparation period.

53. Samandarov, L. K.
Pedagogical and psychological aspects of teaching physics of the atom, nucleus and elementary particles in pedagogical higher educational institutions.

54. Shchipacheva, E. V., & Turdalieva, M. K.
Accounting for specific heat losses through heat-conducting inclusions as an effective way to determine the heat-protective properties of building enclosing structures.

55. Ehsonova, M.
Lingopoetics and the interpretation of borrowings in Uzbek linguistics.

56. Eshonkulov, O. S.
The problem of studying German phraseological units.

57. Azizova, Z. A.
Non-emotive phraseological units of the modern German language in written discourse.

58. Pardayev, A.
An analysis of the Marifatullah question in Alouddin Bukhari's «Risala fil-itiqad».

59. Hajiyeva, K. B., & Huseynova, Kh.
The Chronicle Day of 44 days Victory.

60. Giguashvili, G., Azmaiparashvili, M., Makasarashvili, T., & Khorguashvili, T.
Aspects of sustainable economic development in post-pandemic Georgia.

61. Mirdjalilova, D. Sh., & Burhanova, E. A.
Improving the practice of real estate valuation taking into account their profitability.

62. Davlyatova, G. N., & Kholmatova, D. A.
Historical and genetic strata of ethnographic vocabulary of the Uzbek language.

63. Atabegashvili, V. N., Kechakmadze, M. G., Shishinashvili, M. T., & Chubinidze, G. A.
Waterproofing layer in the bridge roadway design and importance of modern waterproofing materials in the bridge construction.

64. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Method for regulating the proportion of dominant eigenvalues for a fixed matrix of eigenvectors.

65. Burhonova, M.
Devices of metaphoric olfactory.

66. Khakimov, M. Kh., & Gulmatova, M. R.
The expression of the modus in the texts of scientific style.

67. Ziyaev, M. K., & Masharifov, R. B.
Application of the income approach in the assessment of commercial real estate.

68. Хаmidova, D. U.
Issues of study of intangible cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.

69. Khatamov, I. U.
Vocationally Oriented Language Teaching from Russian Language Perspective.

70. Turakulova, O. A.
Pedagogical system of development of reading culture of students at literature lessons.




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