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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 08(112) 2022

Philadelphia, USA

Impact Factor 6.630


p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2022

Issue: 08

Volume: 112

Published: 30.08.2022

Pages: 410


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1. Pikalov, D. A., Golubeva, O. A., & Volkova, G. Y.
On the influence of the professionalism of the enterprise staff for the production of import-substituting and priority products.

2. Kreinin, V. S., Golubeva, O. A., & Volkova, G. Y.
On the advantage of partnerships in the production of priority products.

3. Azimov, Sh. Kh.
The development of financial markets and financial theory.

4. Alinder-Ismailowa, E. O.
Foreign language teaching in terms of socially justified communication.

5. Akramova, N. M.
Functioning of foreign borrowings in the speech of young people.

6. Bayzhanov, S. Kh.
Analysis of banking risk hedging operations in Uzbekistan.

7. Shvetsov, K. A., Golubeva, O. A., & Volkova, G. Y.
About the features of the formation of the priority of manufactured products among consumers of the regions of the Southern Federal District and the North Caucasus Federal District.

8. Shvetsov, K. A., Golubeva, O. A., & Volkova, G. Y.
Prerequisites for ensuring the production of competitive and demanded products.

9. Mukhiddinov, A. G.
Coherence as a method for relevant verbal codification in the neocortex.

10. Samadiy, M. A., Makhmayorov, J. B., Absattorov, D. S., Qodirov, Sh. M., & Farmonov, J. B.
Study of the process of purification of zinc sulfate solutions from impurities.

11. Shahin, G. M.
The word-formation function of the grammatical elements of the verb that precede the word-forming suffix in the composition of the word.

12. Isomiddinov, Y. Y.
Philosophical analysis of Abdurauf Fitrat's views on enlightenment.

13. Ward, L. A., & Abo Nasria, A. H.
Theoretical investigation of a P-doped(Al8C9) monolayer for detecting toxic gas molecules selectively.

14. Abatova, G., & Bekmurzaeva, G. J.
Theoretical basics of the significance of folklore songs in Karakalpak ethno-culture.

15. Utegenova, J. D.
Sharts of virtual reality in modern socio-cultural life.

16. Aunurrafiq, Kamaliah, & Badriyah, N.
Financial Literacy Model in Improving Financial Management in MSMEs.

17. Marpaung, R. J. M.
Measurement of Nurses’ Physical and Mental Work Load on Work Stress Level and Performance in Dumai City Hospital.

18. Asrofillah, M. F., Efni, Y., & Savitri, E.
The Effect of Foreign Fund Flow and Transaction Activity on The Volatility and Performance of The Indonesian Capital Market.

19. Rosyetti, Kornita, S. E., & Eriyati
Analysis of Palm Sugar SMEs Production From a Sharia Perspective in Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau Province in 2020.

20. Hendriani, S., Efni, Y., & Tiyasiningsih, E.
A Strategy to Improve the Performance of Creative Industry Businesses Utilizing Rattan as Raw Material in Pekanbaru.

21. Deryaev, A. R.
Selection of the design of production wells for the development of multi-layer deposits by dual completion operation.

22. Deryaev, A. R.
The recipe for the preparation of drilling fluids for drilling wells in fields with complex mining and geological conditions.

23. Karimov, N. G., Khamidova, F. A., & Saydullaev, Sh. Sh.
Ensuring economic security through benchmarking in the context of digitalization.

24. Miniakhmetov, A. A., & Khamzina, E. A.
Analytical and computer approaches to solving quadratic equations in a rural general education school (for example Askino secondary school №1 Republic of Bashkortostan).

25. Atokova, I.
The role of values in preventing ideological threat.

26. Abdurashitova, E. T.
Gender Discourse in Teaching: theoretical background from the point of view of post-structuralism.

27. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., Kravchenko, O. A., & Baklanov, A. N.
Ecological and toxicological characteristics of the water objects at Krasnograd districs in Kharkiv region.

28. Azizova, Z. Sh., Musakhodjaeva, D. A., Ruzibakiyeva, M. R., & Ibragimkhodjaev, B. U.
Th-system production imbalance in primary infertility in women and men of Uzbek ethnicity.

29. Chikovani, M., Gabelashvili, M., Kupatashvili, N., Gambashidze, A., & Zedishidze, L.
Hydrochemical and sanitary microbiological examination of spring waters of Nakhunao community of Martvil municipality.

30. Alinder-Ismailowa, E. O.
The Bulgarian education system and the foreign language teaching.

31. Tursunkulova, Sh. T.
Alisher Navoi on human beauty.

32. Davlyatova, G. N.
On the higher education agenda: rhetoric and its study.

33. Chemezov, D.
Demo exam as a form of final certification of students studying in the «Mechanical Engineering Technology» specialty.

34. Avdeychik, O. V., Struk, V. A., & Antonov, A. S.
University of a new type in the Belarusian educational space.

35. Toirova, G. X., Turaev, H. Kh., & Alikulov, R. V.
Synthesis of complex complex storage with nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur.

36. Omonov, M., Jiyanbaev, S., & Iriskulova, K.
Methods of analysis of the physico-chemical properties of liquid composition using a secondary tire screen.

37. Bayzhanov, S. Kh.
Formation, distribution and accounting of income at enterprises.

38. Chkhartishvili, N., Kantaria, A., & Giorgadze, N.
Greenhouse effect and global warming.

39. Beknazarova, M. B.
Abubekr Mokhammed Kaffal Shashi mаusoleum of the 16th century in Tashkent: history of architecture, restoration methods and style.

40. Ismatova, Sh. M.
The example of foreign countries on the improvement of assessment technologies in English language teaching.

41. Rayimkulov, A. A.
History and methods of renovation of memorial complexs: the example of khoja safoi vali complex in samarkand.

42. Tukhtabaev, J. Sh., & Jalilov, I. X.
Necessity of using internal audit service in economic entities.

43. Mukhtorova, B. A.
Modality as an object of study in logic, philosophy, and linguistics.




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