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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 04(120) 2023

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2023

Issue: 04

Volume: 120

Published: 30.04.2023

Pages: 370


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1. Sekhniashvili, T., & Turashvili, T.
Wellbeing at work: Examine The Relationship of Workplace Perma Profiler Factors with Behavioral Therapist.

2. Eshonkulov, O. S.
Comparative analysis of German language teaching methods: effectiveness and practical application.

3. Suleymanova, N. M., & Alavkhonova, S. S.
Transfering of language signs into speech.

4. Nazarova, B. U.
Improving the management system of tourism enterprises through domestic tourism.

5. Muftaydinov, M. K.
Prospects for the development of the food industry in the medium term.

6. Mamasoliyev, G. M.
Issues of improving the efficiency of the food industry.

7. O‘tanova, S.
The spirit a symbol of flower and a lyrical hero.

8. Muminova, R. D.
Apple pests and diseases.

9. Makhmudova, Sh.
Control of insects in agriculture.

10. Minasyants, V. S., & Norkobilov, T. Kh.
Bronze cauldrons from Tashkent and other regions of Central Asia, stored in the collection of the state museum of history of Uzbekistan.

11. Gapparov, A.
Socio-political lexicon as a product of complex development.

12. Deryaev, A. R.
Choosing the profile of an inclined-directional well.

13. Deryaev, A. R.
Selection of drilling mud for directional development well.

14. Deryaev, A. R.
Selection and calculation of casing pipes for pressure and directional well conductor.

15. Deryaev, A. R.
Selection and calculation of the casing intermediate technical column of the directional well.

16. Deryaev, A. R.
Selection and calculation of casing pipes of the production column of the directional well.

17. Kaypbergenova, S. S.
The structures on various techniques of teaching terms.

18. Mukhamedova, M. S.
Description of projects created for the formation of a complex of tourist organizations at museum sites in Uzbekistan (on the example of 1970-1990).

19. Bozorov, I.
Increasing the small business and private entrepreneurship in transformation era.

20. Kulmuratov, N. R.
Analysis of the stress-strain state of tunnel linings under seismic impacts directionated along the axis of tunnels.

21. Jo'rayeva, Y. R., & Otabekova, M. K.
Wheat diseases that affect the leaves, stems, and stripes.

22. Popov, D. V.
Pronouns in the epistles of Ivan the Terrible.

23. Akhmet-Sultan, A., et al.
Brief review of 20th century in development and accessibility of travelling salesman problem and TSPLIB.

24. Akhmedova, S. Kh.
Functioning of models in the projected artificial intrellegence in statistics.

25. Khamidova, Z. A.
Forming a comprehensive marketing strategy for the sustainable development of tourism.

26. Karimova, D. O.
Study of buddhism in the south of Uzbekistan.

27. Abdullayeva, Z.
Peculiarities of verbalization of paralinguistic events in the text of art works.

28. Djumakulov, T., et al.
Study of the sex pheromone of the walnal nuts sarrotherpus musculana ersch.

29. Teshabaeva, D. M.
Parallel corpora and their area of use.

30. Amiraliyev, K. N., et al.
Regional flaps in reconstruction of soft tissue defects after radical surgery for oral cancer.

31. Muradov, Kh.K., et al.
Clinical and statistical analysis and immunohistochemical aspects of angiogenesis in Ewing sarcoma.

32. Mamedova-Sarabskaya, R. A.
About functional processes in Azerbaijani mugham.

33. Abduramanova, D. V.
Artistic thinking as the main layer of modernism.

34. Razakova, Sh. D.
Challenges and demand in translation studies: a focus on scientific and technical texts.

35. Abdukhalilova, D. Sh.
Features of German culture in the aspect of the formation of socio-cultural competence.

36. Khudoyberdieva, Z., & Zaynieva, H.
The basic skills speaking and listening in German.

37. Shabidinova, Z. I.
Genetic analysis of neosemantism of German youth.

38. Skripnyak, V. A., Bakhriev, N., Umarov, Sh. N., & Usmonov, O. M.
Influence of structure parameters on the regularities of their deformation and fracture of some TI-NB alloys.

39. Rubtsova, S. V., Mikhailova, I. D., Blagorodov, A. A., Tikhonova, N. V., & Volkova, G. Y.
On the importance of motivating producers and consumers in their interest in the production of priority and demanded products for buyers in the regions of the Southern Federal District and the North Caucasus Federal District.

40. Turaev, N.
Al-Imam al-Bukhari's work «At-Ta’rikh al-Kabir» – is an significant source on identifying the companions.

41. Askarova, F. M.
Literary language of the second half of the 16th – 17th centuries.

42. Akmatova, A. T.
Road safety: experience of foreign countries.

43. Orozbayeva, A. K.
The concept and structure of the state mechanism for guaranteing the protection of human rights.

44. Orozbayeva, A. K.
Evolution of concepts about state guarantees for the protection of human rights.

45. Khakimov, R., & Ayrapetov, D.
Development of a method for the regeneration of used low-freezing liquids.

46. Hamzayeva, T. S.
Directions of terminological vocabulary borrowed from English in the Azerbaijani language.

47. Ismailov, T. A., et al.
Synthesis and study of baktericide properties of complexes of natural naphthene acids with hexamethylendiamine.

48. Chemezov, D., et al.
Investigation of the formation of Karman vortex streets in hydrodynamics.

49. Kamolov, A. I.
Best approximations of random processes by linear positive operators.

50. Hajiyeva, K. B., & Huseynova, Kh.
The architect of modern Azerbaijan.

51. Khositashvili, M., Kotorashvili, L., Ormotsadze, M., & Buishvili, G.
Study of fungicides in wine and lees.

52. Akhalmosulishvili, T., & Tamarashvili, T.
Historical realities of folk games and tourism.

53. Chemezov, D., et al.
Analysis of crack resistance of some materials under three-point flexural test conditions.

54. Ikromova, M. S.
Deformation of particulately filled epoxy polymers.

55. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Tolpygin, S. S.
CRM system for online learning.

56. Popov, A. I., Bragin, D. M., Zinina, S. A., & Eremin, A. V.
Thermal conductivity of a porous material with an ordered structure based on a Schwarz P triple periodic minimal surface, taking into account thermal conductivity of air.

57. Bekenova, A. A.
Exhibition of the principles of international harmony in Tashkent city museums.

58. Krahmaleva, Yu. R.
Constructing of second-order linear differential equation in maple system.

59. Junisbekov, M. Sh., & Esenaliyeva, A.
Multiplicative matrix decompositions in systems of computer mathematics.

60. Khonnayeva, U. K.
Distinctive features of radio journalism (on the example of Uzbek radio broadcasts).

61. Myrzatay, T. K., & Sultanov, M. K.
Assessment of the ecological state of the Nura river depending on technogenic impact of Temirtau.

62. Buronova, Sh. T.
Theoretical foundations of the need to ensure the social security of the territories.

63. Krahmaleva, Yu. R.
Practical implementation of the calculation of curvilinear integrals in Maple.

64. Saparov, B. B., & Khaydarova, L. S.
Interpretation of kindness in «Avesta».

65. Ganiyev, A.
Abu Rayhan Biruni a Great Scholar Who Contributed to the First Renaissance of Central Asia and his Contributions to the Development of Geology and Mineralogy.

66. Tokhtiev, Sh. R.
Social and cultural life of the shiite communities of Central Asia in the XX-early XXI centuries.




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