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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 06(122) 2023

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2023

Issue: 06

Volume: 122

Published: 30.06.2023

Pages: 470


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1. Deryaev, A. R.
Accrual of contingent depreciation and classification drill pipes.

2. Deryaev, A. R.
Design of drilling mode for operational evaluation of directional wells.

3. Safarov, J. I.
About some features of the application of mathematical methods on accounting in the economy.

4. Artikov, J. Z., & Emelkina, N. L.
Functions of prosecution and defense in judicial investigation under the conditions of competitiveness of parties.

5. Chemezov, D., et al.
Reference data of pressure distribution on the surfaces of airfoils having the names beginning with the letter T.

6. Baisov, A. S.
The significamce of extracurricular exercises in creating dialect abilities of ESP learners.

7. Babadjanova, N. X.
Implementation of project-based learning for teaching English.

8. Gafurov, A. Sh.
The social importance of the doctrine of Moturidia.

9. Hamdard, H., & Khalidbek, A.
Yulduz newspaper like as first press of Uzbek language in Afghanistan at the contemporary period.

10. Raxmanov, A. H.
Moong crop insect pest control.

11. Bekmurodov, N. H.
Structural formation of production infrastructure and necessity of its innovative development.

12. Zakiriyayeva, G. S., & Muminov, R. O.
Research methods of efficiency of repair and operation of screw-cutting machine.

13. Zakiriyayeva, G. S., & Muminov, R. O.
Research and selection of the parameters of the rotary-feeding mechanism of a quarry drilling machine.

14. Beknazarov, J. Kh., Ashurov, Sh. Kh., & Oblokulov, J. Sh.
Calculation of toothed belt transmissions in technological machines.

15. Yernishev, K., Imanov, I., & Asilbekov, B. K.
Analysis of anti-corruption legislation and prosecutor's supervision over the implementation of anti-corruption laws in RK: faults and solutions.

16. Samadova, S. S., Yuldosheva, M. A., & Bobokalonova, P. I.
The importance of maintaining and using dictionaries while learning foreign languages.

17. Samadbek, F. M.
Drop of consonant in Afghanistan Uzbek Takhar-Eshkamesh district dialect.

18. Sari, L., Kurniasih, C. E., Iyan, R. Ya., Ningsih, R. B., & Indrawati, T.
Digital Payments Comparative Study Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) QRIS on Food and Beverage Business Revenue in Pekanbaru City.

19. Hamzah, F., & Hamzah, N.
Antioxidant activity and organoleptic leaf tea Litsea cubeba pers.

20. Sukmawati, Marnis, & Putro, T. S.
The effect of transformational leadership and transactional leadership on work motivation and employee engagement (medical) employee at zainab childhood hospital Pekanbaru.

21. Tischenko, A. V., & Sabinin, O. Yu.
Implementation of a modern IoC container to automating dependency injection.

22. Dashieva, A. E., & Sabinin, O. Yu.
Implementation of the backend of a web application for finding internships.

23. Grdzelidze, M. G., Tkhelidze, N. N., & Charkviani, I. J.
Foot and shoes - an important scientific problem.

24. Sagdiev, Kh.
Tahawi in the eyes of contemporaries and other scholars.

25. Palvanov, O. B.
Analysis of the works on the teaching of Maturidiya written by scholars from transoxiana in the 8th-9th/14th-15th centuries.

26. Abdukayumova, N. R.
Analysis of the current state of cultural-intellectual development of students.

27. Ziyadullayeva, A. A.
The importance and implementation of terms representing concepts related to the word «symbol».

28. Shamsiddinova, D. F.
ESL interactive games for English learners: Kahoot and Jeopardy.

29. Iskenderova, K. A.
Comparative analysis of the linguacultural features of the somatic phraseologies with the components of “head”, “eye” and “hand” in the English and Uzbek languages.

30. Khudayberdiyev, Z. B., Rahmatov, J. Z., Suyunova, Z. B., & Mamirov, Z. U.
Transverse vibrations of a two-layer plate.

31. Kuziev, M. A., Kuzieva, N. M., & Ashrapov, B. P.
Basic streamlines and strategies aimed at foreign languages teaching.

32. Nishonov, U. A., & Rabbimkulov, J. I.
Wave propagation in discontinuous mechanical properties.

33. Abdullayev, O. A., & Usmonova, N. Yu.
Problems in the theory of vector fields.

34. Nasrullaev, J. R.
The significance of the linguistic worldview as an integral component of the conceptual framework.

35. Umirova, G. M.
The education of young people of Karakalpak oral folk.

36. Niyazova, M., & Palvanov, O. B.
The rule of Nur al-Din Mahmud Zangi during A‘la al-Din al-Kasani’s lifetime.

37. Blagorodov, A. A., Vilisova, M. L., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
The significance of the assortment concept in the form of a system of indicators for assessing the efficiency of innovative technological processes for the production of demanded products.

38. Kallibekova, G. P., & Nurbekova, N.
Steps of implementing the relationship journalism with society in our national journalism.

39. Saydaliev, A.
The organization of the religious administration of the Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan and its place in the development of islamic values.

40. Velcheva, K. G.
A look at the inclusive educational process in the kindergarten before and after its establishment.

41. Berdimuratov, J. A.
Theoretical foundations, historical sources, studies of algae and freshwater.

42. Tavaldieva, G.
On the borrowed lexemas in the language of Alisher Navoi’s works.

43. Chemezov, D., et al.
The effect of casting speed on the phase transition in the volume of steel casting.

44. Maxmudova, M.
The idea position of the author in the presentation of the artistic tradition of K. G. Paustovsky’s small prose (on the example of the story «toast»).

45. Azimjonov, H. I.
The analysis of similar stories (on the basis of Nazar Eshonqul’s stories).

46. Udo, O. C., & Nwaogu, O. P.
The Effect of Heterogeneity of Variance Data on Parametric and Nonparametric Regression Models.

47. Shakirova, S. T.
Designing the graphic design of publications.

48. Shalamberidze, M. M.
Investigation of polymer composite materials with a latent hardener for the bottom of shoes.

49. Shalamberidze, M. M.
Investigation of heat-protective properties of a package of materials for the bottom of shoes.

50. Yulchiev, I. I.
The analysis of the numerical calculation of shallow acceptor levels of AIIIBV crystals in a magnetic field.

51. Mansurova, Z. O.
Linguoculturological component of bilingualism.

52. Zakhidova, G. T., & Zubaydullaeva, H. T.
Unlocking the potential: teaching foreign languages to bilingual individuals.

53. Abdullaeva, L. T.
Enhancing language learning through gamification: engaging and empowering students.

54. Burieva, N. G.
The linguistic and cultural concept as a unit of world modeling: exploring ethnospecific values and dominants.

55. Abdurakhmanova, F. M.
Presentation of the vocabulary of the language of mass media as an element of preparation for the language competence assesment test.

56. Husanova, H. Kh.
Incorporating technology in foreign language education at higher education institutions: challenges and opportunities.

57. Husanova, H. Kh.
Innovative approaches to teaching foreign languages at higher education institutions.

58. Rafiddinov, S.
Images of some cities in Navoi.

59. Secretaria, N. M.
Effect of Pricing Methods on Consumer Behavior in Key Demographic: A Study on Generation Zs.

60. Bakieva, G. Kh., & Yuldasheva, N. V.
Foreign experience in the organization of public procurement: features, lessons for Uzbekistan.

61. Shashviashvili, K.
Analysis of the Money-related Idioms in the English Language.

62. Aladashvili, M.
Tourists' behavior in cultural tourism and current issues of management.

63. Abdieva, N.
Assessing the financial condition of joint stock companies through econometric research of asset profitability directions.

64. Jaloliddinov, M.
Improvement of the state internal audit system.

65. Matkurbanova, Yu. U.
Historical importance of derivation in studying languages.

66. Shalkharov, Ye., & Kedelbayev, B.S.
Use of growth promoter activators for rooting decorative cultures.

67. Nalibayev, S., Mutaliyeva, B., & Shalkharov, Ye.
Recycling of organic waste by using the technology of obtaining fodder protein from insects Hermetia illucens.

68. Yong-feng, Zh.,Hui, Zh.,& Tojiyeva Z. N.
Analysis of coupling process and decoupling between new-type urbanization and ecological environment: A case study of Hohhot,China.

69. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Cognitive model: Anholt hexagon.




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