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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 08(124) 2023

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2023

Issue: 08

Volume: 124

Published: 30.08.2023

Pages: 312


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1. Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., Vilisova, M. L., Rumyanskaya, N. S., & Volkova, G. Yu.
Features of the development strategy for small and medium enterprises in the regions of the Russian Federation.

2. Toshtemirova, S. A., & Bazarova, D. R.
Reasons on the study of the history of diplomatic relations between the Kokand Khanate and Russia.

3. Toshtemirova, S. A., & Ravshajonova, S. J.
Historiography of the Khan of Khiva in the interpretation of the works of foreign scientists.

4. Deryaev, A. R.
Recommendations and instructions on the choice of methods of operation of wells of oil and gas fields in the western area of Turkmenistan.

5. Dzamiashvili, E.
Peculiarities of Adjective Translation based on Oscar Wilde's tales.

6. Nakhutsrishvili, E.
The Use of Active and Passive Voice in Media Language (Based on Newspaper Headlines).

7. Dzamukashvili, N.
Thanksgiving Dinner of a Baker’s Dozen based on Nancy Huston's novel Dolce Agonia.

8. Shashviashvili, K., Nakhutsrishvili, E., & Dzamiashvili, E.
Some Features of Compound Adjectives in English News Articles.

9. Safarova, A. F.
The association between follicular aspiration fluid cytokines and results of in vitro fertilization procedure.

10. Oganesyan, M. V., Blagorodov, A. A., Rumyanskaya, N. S., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
Effective development of tourism, hotel management and hospitality in small and medium-sized cities in the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation to significantly improve the living standards of the population in them Message 1 Republic of Komi.

11. Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., Vilisova, M. L., & Volkova, G. Yu.
On the positive processes of concentration of industry and the population of small and medium-sized cities within the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation as a frontier.

12. Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., Vilisova, M. L., & Volkova, G. Yu.
The role of the tourism potential of the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation for their effective socio-economic development.

13. Blagorodov, A. A., Tomilina, L. B., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
Economic paradigm and the main directions of development of small and medium-sized cities in the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation as a frontier.

14. Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., Belysheva, V. S., & Volkova, G. Yu.
Problems and opportunities for social and economic development of small and medium-sized cities in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

15. Akhmadzhanov, A. A., & Arslonova, G. A.
Key success factors in the competition.

16. Grdzelidze, M. G., Tkhelidze, N. N., & Charkviani, I. J.
Analyze of the conditions and needs for the safe use of sports shoes in practice, in order to justify the need for a scientific approach to the issue.

17. Mammadov, I. M., Huseynov, R. K., Imanov, R. M., Tagieva, S. A., & Yusubova, L. E.
Investigation of the features of the distribution of resistivity over the thickness of a silicon wafer.

18. Miniakhmetov, A. A., Khakimova, G. R., & Akhmatgalieva, L. M.
The study of the issue of trials in the USSR and the Russian Federation dedicated to the disclosure of the circumstances of the genocide of peaceful Soviet citizens during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (on the basis of «Growth Points» Askino secondary school №1 Republic of Bashkortostan).

19. Shoshiashvili, K.
Cultural Heritage of Georgia (The religious architecture of Tbilisi).

20. Vakhtangishvili, Sh.
The face of the leader the face as a mytho-ritual model of the archaic period.

21. G'afforova, I. Z.
Creative methods in the instruction of second languages: a novel perspective.

22. Chemezov, D., et al.
Assessment of the deformed state of sheet metal after deep drawing based on FLD analysis.

23. Bangun, S. M. W., Noviasari, H., & Wasnury, R.
The influence of brand image, product quality and lifestyle on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in body mist the body shop products in Pekanbaru city.

24. Ruziev, Kh. B.
Description of paremias in parallel corpora.

25. Ruziev, Kh. B.
Stages to create corpus of parallel texts.

26. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Cognitive model: false co-authority.

27. Khodjaeva, N. T.
The study of riddles in world linguistics.

28. Ibrahimova, N. N.
From Western European and Russian romanticism and realism Transition to Azerbaijani realism.

29. Axmedova, Sh. M.
Investigation on the concept with healing in linguistics.

30. Dautova, M. M.
English neologisms in contemporary Russian and Uzbek languages and their reflection in domestic life.

31. Dzhorobekov, Zh. M., & Nuriev, D. Sh.
International norms on the peaceful resolution of international conflicts.

32. Dzhorobekova, A. M., Nuriev, D. Sh., & Kokoeva, A. M.
Establishing responsibility for crimes against the peace and security of mankind as the implementation of universally recognized principles and norms of international law.

33. Bafoev, F. M.
To the question of modern international relations models.




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