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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 11(127) 2023

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2023

Issue: 11

Volume: 127

Published: 30.11.2023

Pages: 418


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1. Chemezov, D., et al.
The degree of mechanical stress of a metal specimen under tensile testing conditions.

2. Chemezov, D., et al.
Characteristics of a supersonic ejector.

3. Xojiyev, B. I.
The study of transients in physics lessons.

4. Kholbutaeva, F. B.
Semasiology and onomasiology as two approaches to the consideration of linguistic units.

5. Kozhevnikova, A. G.
Innovative studies of Cicadas (Cicadidae) in the conditions of Uzbekistan.

6. Deryaev, A. R.
The technology of drilling deep and directional wells with electric drills in the areas of the western part of Turkmenistan.

7. Deryaev, A. R.
The effectiveness of the use of electric drilling and the characteristics of their equipment components.

8. Palvanov, O. B.
Family stability in Islam.

9. Marchyukov, V. E., Lependina, E. R., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
Features of the development of closed administrative-territorial formations (CATE) and support settlements (SNP) in the Arctic zone until 2035.

10. Magtesyan, Sh. A., Kopaeva, K. S., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
The relationship and distinctive features of ZATOs and ONPs in the Arctic zone.

11. Salfetnikova, M. I., Bilich, S. R., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
Education is the basic basis for the social and economic development of the regions of the Arctic zone within the framework of the ONP and ZATO.

12. Zorina, E. D., Ilchishina, E. A., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
On the contribution of the higher education system to ensuring the social and economic development of CATUs and ONP regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

13. Kozhevnikova, A. G., & Yakhyaev, Kh. K.
Cicada families cicadellidae modern cotton pests.

14. Kreinin, V. S., Obukhov, P. S., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
Education of the indigenous population is a guarantee of sustainable social and economic development of the regions of the Arctic Zone.

15. Eliseeva, M. S., Blagorodov, A. A., Belysheva, V. S., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
RAIPON is an association of indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East, providing them with legal protection.

16. Yudakova, A. A., Zolotova, A. A., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
Possibilities of the shift as a reserve of demographic problems of indigenous peoples for solving their migration processes.

17. Matvienko, A. A., Prokudina, A. V., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Yu.
On the importance of the social basis of transport for the social and economic development of regions of the Russian Federation.

18. Kholmatova, D. A.
Modern education in higher education.

19. Najmiddinov, M. K.
Formation of students' subject competencies in the field of physics with the help of virtual laboratory work.

20. Maxmudova, M.
A new person transforming reality in K.G. Paustovsky’s story «Valor».

21. Axmedov, Yo. O.
Formation of information and didactic skills of future physics teachers.

22. Musurmonov, M. U.
Methodological aspects of the laws of symmetry and conservation in physics.

23. Kalabayeva, M. A.
Intercultural approach in teaching English somatisms to students of philology in Karakalpakstan.

24. Karabayeva, A. S.
Techniques for developing students' creative thinking in Russian language classes.

25. Akbarova, R.
The use of mind-educational maps when working with text based on the work “Black Arab” by M. Prishvin.

26. Baybekova, K. R.
Linguoculturological commentary and its linguodidactic significance in the study of works of small prose in a foreign language audience (based on the material of V.P. Astafyev's stories from the collection «Zatesi»).

27. Basilashvili, N.
The role of civil society in the development of democratic processes.

28. Chikovani, M., Kupatashvili, N., & Jolokhava, M.
Hidrochemical analysis of some fresh waters of Lejokhe, Letane and Mikawa villages of Tsalenjikha municipality.

29. Smolkov, M. I.
Method for generation of new porous materials based on triply periodic surfaces.

30. Mdzinarashvili, B.
Democratic Discourse, Media pluralism and the Threat of Deepening the Confrontation.

31. Tojiyeva, B. B., & Usmаnov, N. N.
Influence of winter side crops on yield and seed quality of potato varieties.

32. Kuldoshev, A. T., & Stolyarova, A. N.
Impact of social factors on security.

33. Frolov, M. A.
Mechanical properties of porous material based on triply periodic surfaces obtained from the atomic network of sodalite.

34. Sattarov, A. R.
Methodological foundations of teaching the subject of astrophysics based on an integrative approach.

35. Kamolov, I. R.
Intersubjective integration – searching for new pedagogical decisions.

36. Marziyaev, J. K.
Analysis of social life in artistic journalistic genres (on the example of the analysis of the press of Karakalpakstan).

37. Bekpo’latov, U. R.
The dissymmetry of religion, philosophy and sciences in the formation of a unified scientific worldview.

38. Gayibnazarov, B. K., & Siddikov, A. J.
Formation of macro models of the final supply of Uzbekistan and segments of its components.

39. Lapin, I. A., & Sabinin, O. Yu.
Research and planning the development of an automated system for building relational database models based on provided task text in natural language.

40. Hendriani, S., Efni, Yu., Fitri, K., & Tiyasiningsih, E.
The influence of learning, business commitment, entrepreneurial motives, and entrepreneurial spirit on the performance of Tofu and Tempeh industrial businesses in Pekanbaru city.

41. Hamzah, F., & Hamzah, N.
Chemical structure of tree oilcrop industry Litseaindica Pers..

42. Vershinina, I. V.
Elimination of wastes by six sigma in sewing production.

43. Khodjiev, S., & Jamolov, U.
Modeling and numerical results of investigation of the influence of the irregularity of wake jets on mixing in flat channels.

44. Bregadze, M., & Amiranashvili, N.
Propaganda and Political Debates in the Newspapers of the Leading Political Parties During the Pre-Election Period of the 1919 Constituent Assembly of Georgia (Republic of Georgia; Unity; Public Affairs; Georgia; Labour).

45. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Semantic variables with non-dominated variances.

46. Deryaev, A. R.
Equipment and materials for drilling wells by electric drilling.

47. Deryaev, A. R.
Operation of electric drills for drilling oil and gas wells under conditions of abnormally high reservoir pressures.

48. Saparov, B. B.
Universal democratic principles in new Uzbekistan are an important factor in the understanding of the national identity.

49. Saparov, B. B.
Patriotism is a spiritual force that mobilizes society for development.

50. Popov, A. I., Bragin, D. M., Kechin, N. N., & Eremin, A. V.
Study of heat and mass transfer in a channel with TPMS ribbing.




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