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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10(42) 2016

ISPC Computer technologies in science, Scranton, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Zakharchuk V, Kolykhanin S, Shyshkalova N


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Language: Russian

Citation: Zakharchuk V, Kolykhanin S, Shyshkalova N (2016) DETERMINATION OF THE PLANNED POSITION. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 10 (42): 52-54. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 52-54

Published: 30.10.2016

Abstract: The global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is the modern satellite technique for definition of the coordinates of geodetic networks’ points. This led to the transition to the geocentric coordinate systems and the coordinate reference systems with the beginning at the center of the Earth. One of the first systems was the World geodetic system 1984 (WGS84) developed by the US DoD. It is used to solve the international economic problems. With the increasing accuracy of the GPS technique, the International Terrestrial Reference System (ITRS) functionates since 1990, with the practical implementation of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF). Although the scope of WGS84 is wider, but ITRF provides higher location accuracy. As a result of observations on the Ukrainian permanent GNSS network the parameters were simulated and the state geodetic coordinate system USK-200 was introduced. It was obtained from the coordinate system ITRS/ ITRF 2000 and fixed for the epoch J2000.0. However, Ukrainian surveyors still use a conventional coordinate system SC-63, abolished 30 years ago.

Key words: reference ellipsoid, artificial satellites, geodetic networks, satellite observing systems, coordinate systems, permanent station.








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