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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 12(68) 2018

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2018

Issue: 12

Volume: 68

Published: 30.12.2018

Pages: 390


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1. Murat, M., & Shevtsov, A.
On some numerical optimization algorithms.

2. Yadigarova, A. A.
The historical review to Azerbaijani language and national leader Haydar Aliyev’s role in the development of the language.

3. Bidakhmet, Z., Kozhamkulova, Z. Z., & Maikotov, M. N.
Influence of ecology on human health.

4. Bayzakova, Z. S., Kirgizbaeva, B. Z., Kozhamkulova, Z. Z., Chingenzhinova, Z. S., & Kozhamkulov, D. Z.
Optimization experiment on grain crops harvesting.

5. Bayzakova, Z. S., et al.
Study conduct optimization experiment cleaning dry short-stemmed grain crops.

6. Baizakova, J. S., et al.
Analysis of the grain mass movement in the feeder under the action of the operating elements of the accelerator.

7. Semenov, N. S.
Natural law and anarchism.

8. Semenov, N. S.
Natural law and information society.

9. Yusif-Zadeh, A. A., & Gurbanov, A. S.
Multistage extraction of coking gas oil to produce a component of diesel fuel.

10. Semenov, S. R.
Personalization and access to state bodies’ information in the system of information infrastructure.

11. Semenov, S. R.
Agrarian policy and integrated information security in the agricultural industry.

12. Agapova, V. V., & Gavrilov, A. D.
Features of realization of public policy in the Volgograd region in modern conditions.

13. Bergal, E. V., & Merzlikina, K. S.
Development of IT-technologies in the system of tax administration.

14. Dossumov, S. T., & Adilov, A. N.
Historical aspects of formation and development of the suffrage in the republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz republic.

15. Kapalov, B. E.
Concept and criminalistic specificity of the algorithm for establishing personality in masters of case.

16. Miyarov, A. I.
Interconfessional contradictions and legal conflicts.

17. Yusupaliev, I. K.
The concept of human security in the criminal law of Kyrgyz republic.

18. Yusupaliev, I. K.
The legal status of the expert criminalist in criminal proceedings.

19. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Inverse spectral problem.

20. Rurua, N., Shishinashvili, M., & Chubinidze, G.
Geographic Information Systems for Railway and Road.

21. Bekk, N. V., Belova, L. A., & Lapina, T. S.
Features customization of orthopedic shoes for children with cerebral palsy.

22. Saidakbarova, M. M.
“Tarixi muluki Ajam” (“The history of Iranian kings”) as the scientific-artistic source.

23. Uralov, A. B.
Comprehensive and extended forms of suffixes in Uzbek language.

24. Tursunov, A. H.
On the ways of penetration of literary traditions of the east in the poetry of minnesingers.

25. Bergal, E. V., & Grechko, A. V.
Features of calculation and payment of land tax by budget organizations.

26. Gulmammadov, I. T.
Important aspects of increase efficiency of economic growth in industrial parks.

27. Chemezov, D., et al.
Comparative analysis of an impeller geometry at different heads of a pump.

28. Melent'ev, V. A.
Use of Melentiev’s graph representation method for detection of cliques and the analysis of topologies of computing systems.

29. Fayzulloyev, O. M.
The peculiarities of the interpretation of the Uzbek fairy tales.

30. Mamajanov, A. A.
The history of the development of industry in Uzbekistan (in the example of Ferghana valley).

31. Ismailov, R. T., & Tagaeva, A. M.
Foreign criminal offension (crime, conduct): Theory and new law of the Kyrgyz republic.

32. Yakhshilikov, J.
Problems of knowledge through civilizational approach and principles of civil law. Case of Uzbekistan.

33. Abdullaeva, D. Z.
Comparative-typological research of parable and parable types works of easteren and western classical literature.

34. Ahmedova, U. M.
Some reforms and their results which are taking to develop the agriculture of Uzbekistan.

35. Drozdov, D. N., & Reutskaya, A. V.
Cytomorphometry of buccal epithelium for smoking young people by the method of assessing nuclear cytoplasmatic relations.

36. Sharifova, M. T., Ismailov, C. G., Мammadova, A. T., Hajiyeva, E. M., Мammadova, M. I., & Hasanova, A. M.
About study of obtain the decorative sand asphalt from stripping of alunite from zaylik field.

37. Borduch, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Tihonova, N.V.
Accounting – the basis for effective cooperation between producers and consumers for the sustainable demand for manufactured import-substituting products.

38. Borduch, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Tihonova, N. V.
About finding effective solutions for implementation made by the enterprises of the regions of the sfd and skfo of import-substituting products.

39. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Pankratova, E. S.
Research of the customer support service development for user applications.

40. Hasanov, E. L.
Historical-cultural investigation of ancient heritage of modern Ganja city (Based on materials of ancient local kurgans as ethnographic-archaeological sources).

41. Shkurina, M. V., & Sabinin, O. Y.
An overview and analysis of automatic text summarization methods.

42. Verdieva, T. F.
About historical-cultural investigation of literary heritage of Ganja.

43. Nartai, A., Shalkharov, Y. S., & Bitemirov, K. T.
The role of human genome related legal study development.

44. Agapova, V. V.
Practice of formation of identity in Russia.

45. Kalina, S. A., Gardanova, Z. R., Esaulov, V. I., & Silin, S. S.
Psychological diagnostics of anxiety and depression level of women of older reproductive age in the in vitro fertilization program.

46. Kravchenko, R., Pelaez, M., & Granda, R.
Comparative analysis of slope lands used for cultivation of various crops in the coastal part of the province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

47. Abdirashidov, A., & Karshiyev, A.
Distribution of pressure waves in the unlimited water, their reflection from the hard screen and the free surface of the fluid.

48. Abdirashidov, A., Karshiyev, A., Ortikov, B., & Kadirov, N.
Application of approximate adomian decomposition method and a variational iterations method to solving a Cauchy problem with the heat dissipation and Laplace equations.

49. Azlarova, D. A.
Evaluation of efficiency of personnel management in the oil fating industry.

50. Kazakov, O. S.
Improving the management activity of the fruit and vegetable industry enterprises.

51. Sharopova, N. R.
Analysis of the current situation of preschool education services in Uzbekistan.

52. Ziyayeva, D. S.
Directions of implementation of foreign experience corporate management in commercial banks.

53. Bobojonov, B. R., & Valieva, A. A.
Features of the formation of financial-industrial groups in the development of the Korean economy.

54. Rakhmatullaeva, S. X.
Foreign experience in labor productivity management.

55. Chalenko, E. A.
The influence of material properties on design solutions and technological processes in the manufacture of corselets.

56. Nartai, A., Shalkharov, Y. S., & Bitemirov, K. T.
The place of acts regarding to genetic engineering in the system of legal regulation (legal analysis).

57. Nartai, A., Shalkharov, Y. S., & Bitemirov, K. T.
System of legal regulation of operations related to genome maneuvers.

58. Mamarahimov, A.
In retrospect, a historical look to the basics of cooperation peoples of Uzbekistan and France.




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