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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 01(69) 2019

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2019

Issue: 01

Volume: 69

Published: 30.01.2019

Pages: 350


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1. Hashmi, M. U., & Idrees, M.
Lipid profile among diabetic and non-diabetic people.

2. Idrees, M.
Maternal awareness about Thalassemia major disease of their children.

3. Kurpayanidi, K. I.
Theoretical basis of management of innovative activity of industrial corporation.

4. Fazliddinov, B.
Philosophical-intellectual poetry of Ghafur Ghulom.

5. Qahhorov, P. X.
Socio-cultural features of historical consciousness.

6. Zubaidullaeva, G. R.
Free trade economic zones as the important factor of improvement of quality of life.

7. Shermukhamedov, A. T.
Development of the International transport communications with foreign countries.

8. Pardaev, M. H.
Design and development of cultural civilization in Dzhizak (Jizax and Zomin).

9. Kobilov, U. U.
Art interpretation of the problem of the prophecy in the Uzbek literature.

10. Ganieva, C. H.
Questions research of museum pedagogy in the state museum of literature named after Alisher Navoi.

11. Markelov, G. E.
A working mathematical model of a technical system element.

12. Kozhevnikov, V. A., Sabinin, O. Y., & Tyulparova, A. N.
Prerequisites analysis and development of an automated composite system for commercial electric power metering.

13. Tursunov, B. B.
From the history of the development of teaching foreign languages in Uzbekistan (As an example in the period of Soviet government).

14. Israilova, Z. S.
Efficiency of the representative bodies of local government and factors affecting them.

15. Abdullayev, I. G.
German – Russian collaboration for the Nord Stream II project: sacrificing the common European interest?.

16. Chemezov, D., Filippov, I., Strunina, A., Pavluhina, I., & Potapov, M.
Research of properties and regimes of incompressible fluid flow in a cylindrical pipeline with two elbows.

17. Mullabayev, B. B., Vokhidov, E., & Karimov, D.
The role of vertical integrated enterprises in the economy.

18. Bordukh, D. O., et al.
Accounting – the basis for effective interaction of producers and consumers to ensure sustainable demand for manufactured import-substituting products.

19. Mirzaev, A.
Source learning analysis of archives documents of the trading house of “Brothers kraft” in Kokand.

20. Abduganiev, O. A.
Modeling food security in the region.

21. Khalilova, M.
Use of the elements of the conversational speech in Uzbek literary texts.

22. Metelitsa, N., & Diagileva, N.
Does design thinking serve as an effective strategy for innovation?

23. Yaxshilikov, J. Y.
Corruption and crime, kinship, parochialism and nationalism are threats to the development of society.

24. Gasimov, A. B.
The concept and principles of tax control, its place in the financial control system.

25. Akhmatov, A. B., & Mamatazizova, N. K.
Pre-trial proceedings on the new criminal procedure legislation of the Kyrgyz republic as the beginning of criminal procedure: problems and solutions.

26. Gasimov, A. B.
Legal basis of development of tax control in the period of independence of the Kyrgyz republic.

27. Mamatazizova, N. K., & Akhmatov, A. B.
Organizational and procedural features of special investigative activities under the new criminal procedure code of the Kyrgyz republic.

28. Toshpulatov, I. A.
Improving the methodology for assessing the competitiveness of light industry enterprises.

29. Beltadze, I.
England's Trade Diplomatic Relations with the Netherlands (XV-XVI centuries).

30. Bekchanov, D. M.
Modern tendencies of state support of entrepreneurship.

31. Chekhovskiy, A. L., & Chekhovskaya, D. V.
Definition of values radon volumetric activity for districts of Gomel region.

32. Aliyev, V. A.
The role of systemically significant banks in the stabilization of the market of financial services in the conditions of global transformation.

33. Mamatkulova, F.
Kazakh version of dastan “Tahir and Zuhra”.

34. Gurbanova, Z. R.
Obtaining of complex nitrogen-potassium and nitrogen-magnesium fertilizers from non-standard fractions of carbamide.

35. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., Kravchenko, O. A., & Dobrijan, M. O.
Atomic-absorption and atomic-emission with inductive connected plasma determination of iron and manganese in the oil samples.

36. Chemezov, D., et al.
Bendings of cantilever and doubly supported steel I-beams.

37. Kholodnova, E. V., Galkin, A. V., Chalenko, E. A., & Kirsanova, E. A.
Development of parameters for embroidery finishing items for liturgical clothes on embroidery equipment.

38. Gumbataliyeva, S. A., & Maharramov, E. M.
Modern aspects of formation and development of social strategy in the conditions of structural changes of economy.

39. Biybosunov, A. K.
Questions of control and supervision relations in the legal system of the Kyrgyz republic.

40. Biybosunov, A. K.
Some questions of judicial control in the presentation of criminal proceedings.

41. Kariev, B. S.
History of formation and prospects of development of low-rise housing construction in Bishkek.

42. Mughal, N. M., Ullah, Z., & Ali, H. N.
Role of external fixation in open tibial fractures and patient’s satisfaction.

43. Ullah, Z., Ali, H. N., & Amin, J.
T.B Abdomen: Frequency of common Signs and Symptoms.

44. Bakiyeva, I. A., & Radjabova, N. I.
Ways of increasing labor productivity in textiles.

45. Khayitov, A. B., & Babayev, D. R.
Innovative activity and labor organizing in family business.

46. Umirova, D. S.
Preconditions and dynamics of development of entrance tourism in Uzbekistan.

47. Khomitov, K. Z.
Current issues of crediting investment projects in Uzbekistan.




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