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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 04(72) 2019

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2019

Issue: 04

Volume: 72

Published: 30.04.2019

Pages: 610


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1. Ocen, G. G., Mutua, M. S., Mugeni, G. B., Karume, S., & Matovu, D.
An Algorithm and Process Flow Model for the extraction of Digital Forensic Evidence in Android Devices.

2. Chemezov, D., et al.
Stresses in a steel ring at clamping in a three-jaw chuck.

3. Abdiramasheva, K. S.
Glucocorticosteroids and development of diabetes mellitus. literature review.

4. Satte, M., Osman, T., Yousif, A., Badawi, K., Zayed, M., & Nourein, I.
Effect of the long-term gum Arabic solutions preservation on histological structure of biological tissues.

5. Sharabitdinova, G. G.
Risk factors of development of the cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus type 2 on scales SCORE, FRAMINGHAM and PROCAM scale.

6. Rustamov, E. E.
The ways of training high qualified personnel for an innovation economy.

7. Kobilov, U. U.
Interpretation of the image of Masih in the divan of Alisher Navoi «Badoyi ul-Bidoya» («The rarity of the beginning»).

8. Goloperov, I. V., Baklanov, A. N., & Baklanova, L. V.
Improving the safety of the aromated salt mixture.

9. Goloperov, I. V., Baklanov, A. N., & Baklanova, L. V.
Solution to safe power problems. Ultrasound in receiving carotine cooked salt.

10. Kurpayanidi, K. I.
Actual issues of activation of foreign economic activity in the economy of Uzbekistan.

11. Borankulova, G. S., & Ahmet, Z.
Development of the banking system of Kazakhstan.

12. Borankulova, G. S., & Tungatarova, A. T.
Artificial neural network features.

13. Borankulova, G. S., & Tungatarova, A. T.
Methods and means of information network protection.

14. Pulatov, J.
Interrelation of theories of development and the concept of human development (social and philosophical analysis).

15. Sayfillaeva, D.
The history of ideological views that influenced the formation of the worldview of Abu Hamid Ghazali.

16. Goloperov, I. V., Baklanov, A. N., & Baklanova, L. V.
Solution to the problem of safety of cooked salt. Ultrasound in the cleaning of cooked salt from impurities of arsenic, cadmium and copper.

17. Goloperov, I. V., Baklanov, A. N., & Baklanova, L. V.
Accelerated determination of waste-insulated substances in cooked salt.

18. Khramchankova, V. M.
Allopathic effects of the lichen biomass on the ruderal plants seedlings from brassicaeae family.

19. Blagorodov, A. A., et al.
Socio-cultural Association for the evaluation criteria of import-substituting its demand and full implementation of consumers of regions of the SFD and SKFO.

20. Khujanazarov, U. E., & Bakiyev, D. E.
Ecological principles of restoration of degraded pastures in Kashkadarya basin.

21. Samadov, A. R.
Sport as the device of forming esthetic ideal of person.

22. Hayrullayev, D. S.
The role of cultural heritage sites in establishing and projecting rural areas of Uzbekistan.

23. Tursunov, S. N.
Importance and role political parties in the sphere of the controlling government in the republic of Uzbekistan. (In the case of 1991-2016).

24. Akhmedov, M. D., Askarov, T. A., Fayziev, Y. N., Ashurmetov, A. M., Ismailov, F. M., & Begmanova, M. S.
The mitochondrial enzyme activity in the evalution of hepatocellular injuries.

25. Bauetdinov, M. J.
Financing of investment expenses of managing subjects.

26. Goryachikh, V. A., Gvozdikova, T. A., Akhmetova, A. T., & Sulaimanova, S. A.
The history of the development of architectural formation without the use of computer technology in the ancient world.

27. Blagorodov, A. A., Bordukh, D. O., Golovko, A. V., Prohorov, V. T., Petrosov, S. P., & Tikhonova, N. V.
On the union of participatory management teams of enterprises and the implementation of the provisions of the federal law "on technical regulation" for making them competitive and marketable products.

28. Kovzik, G. O., & Magsumov, T. A.
Naberezhnye Chelny in 1969-1985: communistic ideal and realities of the "city of the future".

29. Rakhmanova, N. T.
The role of total physical response in teaching English language.

30. Khuzhamberdieva, S. K.
Modeling of the modern model of literature lesson in College on the example of Erkin vokhidov's creativity.

31. Kurbanov, A.
The poem “Farhad and Shirin” by alishir navai: sufistic interpretation.

32. Shadmanova, S. B., & Akhmedov, T. A.
The functional tasks of television in the context of globalization.

33. Makhmudova, N. R.
Communicative and pragmatic functions of gradation associated with the expression of emotions and assessment.

34. Chemezov, D., et al.
Displacements gradients of cantilever and doubly supported steel I-beams at bending.

35. Abdinazarov, K. S.
Tokens and Types Occurring in ESP Contexts.

36. Saydivalieva, K. H.
Civil features of auditing services.

37. Turaeva, D. D.
Teaching Russian language through MOODLE.

38. Komilov, D. T.
The role of administrative reform in the system of cabinet of ministers in Uzbekistan.

39. Kapalov, B. E.
Software databases based on criminological-criminalistic characteristics of crimes made against life and health of human.

40. Ibatova, S. M., Muhamadiev, N. Q., Rabbimova, D. T., Mamutova, E. S., Abdukadirova, N. B., & Kadirova, M. M.
Gas-chromatographic appraisal of application of apricot oil and aevit in complex therapy of vitamin D-deficiency rickets in children.

41. Abdukhamidov, S. A.
Distinctive features of regional tourism development.

42. Rustamov, J. E.
Current state of use of information and distance learning technologies in the development of skills in the electronic information environment of today's economists.

43. Zhoranova, N.
Cloudy technologies in education.

44. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Pankratova, E. S.
The customer support service development for user applications.

45. Khankishiyeva T.R., Sadigova A.Z., Nazarov R.H., Muradova F.M., Kurbanova M.M., & Huseyinov E.Z.
Synthesis and structure of allyl 3-oxo-2-(2-phenylhydrazone) butanoate.

46. Alimova, Z. V.
Borrowings – linguistic phenomena.

47. Mahmudova, A. A., Mammadova, G. H., Babayev, S. S., Mammadov, S. A., & Zeynalova, L. F.
Study of reactivity of hydroxyl group in 1-aryloxynonanol-2.

48. Panjievna, S. T.
Biographical approach as a scientific and theoretical problem.

49. Akromov, U. S.
“Characteristics of the motivation of travel” in Jean-Marie Gustave Le clezio works.

50. Rustamov, N. I.
Opportunities for stable transformations in economics and their efficient usage in Uzbekistan.

51. Shixaliyev, K. S., & Sadig, K. O.
Theory and practice of obtaining composite materials based on polymer blends.

52. Isaeva, N. H.
Development of ensuring a resource base of joint-stock banks based on innovations.

53. Atadjanov, S., Tursunova, A., Ergashev, A., & Indiaminov, R.
Simulation and analysis of high-precision iterative code with increased efficiency.

54. Ismailov, O.
Conceptual bases of formation of competitive environment in entrepreneurship activity.

55. Bakiyeva, I., Shavkatova, N., & Ikromov, A.
Transparent investment policy is inclusive economic growth in Uzbekistan.

56. Ganixanova, M. B.
Using media technology in the teaching foreign language in technical higher education.

57. Zakirova, S. I., & Isroilova, D. Y.
The role of the concepts of globalization in the English language.

58. Maxmudova, Z. M., & Valiyeva, X. S.
Methods of learning English in the technical university.

59. Aymuhamedova, A. K.
Improving the mechanisms of using internal investments in the national economy.

60. Azbergen, M. I.
The study of the deformation of soils at various frequencies of cyclic loading.

61. Zakirova, G. V.
Features of women's publication: typologies and updating the theme scope.

62. Khudoyberdiyev, D.
The factors serving to form personal consumptive conduct.

63. Tukhliev, I. S., & Muhamadiyev, A. N.
Smart-tourism experience in geo information systems.

64. Karshiev, A. B., Nabiyeva, S. S., & Egamkulov, A. S.
Medical information systems.

65. Norinov, M. U., Abdukodirov, B. A., Tillavoldiev, A. O., & Urinov, N. T.
Algorithm for eliminating noise by a smooth-smooth image model.

66. Akmalova, Z. N.
Diversity of modern methods in the teaching foreign language.

67. Djurayeva, F. S.
Communicative method against the traditional method of teaching foreign language.

68. Rafiddinov, S.
Navai and Kalandariya.

69. Babayev, S. B.
Perfection of methodology of forecasting of tax revenues from physical persons: foreign experience.

70. Mamatqulova, D. J.
Globalization and civilization: problems and tasks.

71. Miltiqboyev, B.
The role of “cluster” method in teaching subject “National idea”.

72. Khajieva, F. M.
Decoding of stylistic devices in Russian and English translations of the Uzbek novel “days gone by” by Abdulla Qadiri (stylistic correspondences and transformations).

73. Kholikulov, A. B.
Bukhara emirate's farming in the XIX-XX centuries (in the case of Kashkadarya oasis stables).

74. Tukhtabekov, K. A.
The system of academic degrees and post-university education in the republic of China.

75. Usarov, U. A., & Sharipova, A. B.
In written courses of the middle ages toponyms regarding to the history of farming and irrigation system of bottom Zarafshan oasis.

76. Jalilova, L. J., & Rajabov, A. U.
Comic creation means in James Thurber`s novel “the secret life of Walter Mitty”.

77. Saloydinova, N. S.
The difficulty of reading and translating scientific construction of texts in the English language.

78. Shakirov, I. R.
History and prospects of cooperation between Uzbekistan and Singapore.

79. Hasanov, A. A.
Investment in "green" economy - a strategic way of economic development in the republic of Azerbaijan.

80. Konurbayev, T. A., & Ussenova, S. M.
Methods of experimental study of the emotional condition of the teacher.

81. Nurmanova, D. A.
Text as a universal form of representation of "part from the whole».

82. Khaydarova, N. A.
Representation of the concept “horse” in the historical trilogy of V.Yan.

83. Yeralieva, B. S.
Problem solving of digital processing signals on computer installation.

84. Krahmaleva, U., & Shevtsov, V.
Analytical solution of the regular problem of the Sturm - Liouville problem in maple environment.

85. Holmatova, N.
Fiqras (articles) in artistic publicity of Erkin A’zam.




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