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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 09(101) 2021

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2021

Issue: 09

Volume: 101

Published: 30.09.2021

Pages: 806


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1. Kurpayanidi, K. I.
The institutional environment of small business: opportunities and limitations.

2. Juraeva, N. K.
Theoretical and methodological foundations of housing and communal services management.

3. Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
About the advantage of consumers of the regions of the Southern Federal District and the North Caucasus Federal District in forming their preferences for products manufactured by enterprises of these regions.

4. Saidova, K.
The value of the family in Indian philosophy.

5. Kulmatov, B.
Innovative technologies in foreign language education.

6. Khaydarova, D. S., & Mavlyanova, U. N.
Mnemotechnique as one of the modern methods of training of future doctors.

7. Abdukholiqov, V. O.
From the history of early medieval literature Sughd.

8. Mishin, Y. D., Postnikov, P. M., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
Education as a factor in the evolution of a «Reasonable person» into a «Reasonable person».

9. Blagorodov, A. A., Kozachenko, P. N., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
A new method for assessing the efficiency of the technological process for the production of attractive and demanded footwear possible for consumers of the regions of the South and SKFD.

10. Saidjanova, Z. K.
Glossiness of traditional poetic images.

11. Axmedov, S. R., Kulmuratov, N. R., Safarov, U. I., Choriev, M., & Hamraev, N. N.
Vibrations of deformable cylindrical shells with a viscoelastic filler.

12. Shaumarov, N. B., & Shukurova, K. K.
Forecast of the technical condition of a four-storey residential building after an earthquake. Calculation for seismic effects according to the method of states.

13. Blagorodov, A. A., Kozachenko, P. N., Prokhorov, V. T., & Volkova, G. Y.
About some features of the combination of consensus management of the production quality of demanded products in the eyes of manufacturers and consumers.

14. Akbarxodjaeva, F. A.
Requirements for adopted terms in the field of medicine.

15. Kasimov, S. A., Turaev, H. K., Jalilov, A. T., Alikulov, R. V., & Mukumova, G. Z.
IR spectroscopic and thermal characteristics of the covalent immobilized sulfur-containing ligand and its coordination compounds with copper (II).

16. Mamatov, K., & Muminova, R.
Scoops (noktuidae) - as tomato pests in uzbekistan.

17. Dalimov, A. A., Mamarasulova, D. Z., & Yakubov, N. I.
The influence of different therapy methods on the volume of postocovidal pulmonary loss.

18. Alijanov, D. D., & Topvoldiyev, N. A.
Solar tracker system using arduino.

19. Khalmanov, A., Aymatov, R., & Turdikulov, B.
Optimization of the ventilation system and gas supply in the process of burning.

20. Bekpulatov, U. R.
Dissymmetric analysis of phase transitions in the aggregate state of a substance.

21. Satilganov, M. A.
Some questions of the correlation of the constitutional foundations and the constitutional principles of equality.

22. Satilganov, M. A.
Features of the implementation of the constitutional principle of equality.

23. Khudoyberganova, D. A.
Current trends in trade and intermediary activities on world markets.

24. Usmanov, N. N.
Influence of various siderate crops on elements of soil fertility and yield of potato varieties.

25. Sottikulov, E. S., Jalilov, A. T., Karimov, M. U., & Soatov, S. U.
Synthesis and study of the influence of the alumosilicate microsphere on the physico-chemical properties of the foaming fire-resistant coating.

26. Chemezov, D., et al.
To the question of transverse flow around the cylinder with gas and liquid streams.

27. Qudratov, A. E.
On the problem of optimizing the parameters of a vibration protection system with a liquid link.

28. Tursunov, Z. N.
Stages of economic development in Uzbekistan after the Second World War.

29. Niyazov, S. T., Djurabekova, A. T., & Djurabekova, S. T.
Experimental studies on the model of encephalitis and meningoencephalitis.

30. Madalimov, T. A.
Problems of knowledge in the Vaisheshika doctrine in ancient India.

31. Joraev, Z. M.
The Work “Al-ahkom as-sultoniyya va-l-valoyot ad-diniyya” (“Laws of authority and religious governing”) by al-Mavardi (X–XI centuries) as an important source of statehood.

32. Pasechkina, T. N.
Effective communication and communicative self-efficacy: features of communication training of future emercom specialists.

33. Aysachev, A. A.
Economic and statistical analysis of regional trends in the development of agriculture in the Andijan region.

34. Turaev, K. K., Abdikadirov, S. A., Eshkaraev, S. C., & Dzhumaeva, Z. E.
Determination of the presence of radionuclide radon-222 in the atmospheric air of the Surkhandarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

35. Kholmurodov, M. P., Turaev, K. K., & Eshkaraev, S. C.
Radiometric determination of thorium-232 radionuclide in the waters of the Sherabad river in Surkhandarya region.

36. Lokteva, N.
The distinctive peculiarities of the American «Family cronic» of XIX century.

37. Orifzhonova, G. K., Mullazhonova, M. T., & Ganiev, A. K.
Standardization of the grass of the mullein-shaped zopnik-phlomis thapsoides (Bge), growing in Uzbekistan.

38. Umarov, S. S., Tojiyev, P. J., Turaev, H. K., & Jzhalilov, A. T.
Structure and properties of polymers had been filled with bivalent metal phosphates.

39. Rahmonova, D. M.
Management strategies in changing environments.

40. Sadikova, R. K., Karieva, Y. S., Karimov, O. U., & Nuridullaeva, K. N.
Establishing the shelf life and storage conditions of the dry extract of the Samarkand immortelle.

41. Gazvini, K. A., & Atayev, M. Sh.
Rathematic development of phosphorus exit process from am materials.

42. Rakhmanova, V. N., & Rashidova, S. Sh.
Formation kinetics of chitosan sulfate Bombyx Mori in the presence of sulphating agents.

43. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., & Kravchenko, O. A.
Determination of mercury content in natural brines by adsorption of cold vapor.

44. Kakhramonov, K. S.
The main directions of improving the housing stock management system in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

45. Daminov, F. M., Rakhmonov, J. Y., & Beknazarova, M. K.
Conceptual features of the formation of strategic planning systems in higher education institutions.

46. Tadjibayeva, N. R.
The creation organizational and economic models of the employee development strategies of cotton factory.

47. Khusanova, Z. R.
Improving the innovation mechanism and increasing the efficiency of managing women's entrepreneurship.

48. Nurmatova, U. J.
Existential and communicative fundamentals of reading.

49. Rahmatlloyev, A.
Ogahi translation activities: the case of Persian-Tajik literature.

50. Qudratov, A. E., & Raxmatullayeva, N. S.
The priority of vibration protection systems with a fluid coupling.

51. Soatov, S., Ishmukhamedova, M., Sottikulov, E., & Karimov, M.
Synthesis and study of ir spectroscopic and physico-chemical characteristics of oligomer based on ethylene glycol with dimethylterephthalate.

52. Khusanova, M. F., Kiyomov, S. N., Beknazarov, K. S., & Jalilov, A. T.
Thermal analysis of isobutyl rubber oleogel.

53. Tillaev, K. R., Eshkaraev, S. C., & Babamuratov, B. E.
Spectrophotometric analysis of the waters of the Surkhandarya river of the Republic of Uzbekistan for determination of heavy toxic metals.

54. Gumbatov, M., Shirinova, D., & Qurbanova, Z.
Decomposition of phosphate raw materials using molybdenum containing sulfur potassium solution.

55. Umirova, G. A., Kasimov, S. A., Turaev, H. K., & Jalilov, A. T.
IR spectroscopic and thermal characteristics of nitrogen-containing ligand and its coordination compounds with copper (II).

56. Sadieva, S. A.
Psychocorrectional program of student’s professional identity formation.

57. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Cognitive model of climate variability and of negative variability impacts for human activities.

58. Eshkaraev, S. C., Babamuratov, B. E., Khaydarova, Z. E., Bobomurotov, N. N., & Normamatov, N. D.
Ways of plant definition of radio nuclear-loced soils of Uzbekistan.

59. Nazarova, F.
The use of phenological observations in the determination of the main phases of the development of thin-fiber goose varieties in the conditions of Bukhara region.

60. Askarova, N. A., & Ibragimova, N. N.
Steps of psychological assistance in persons with loss syndrome.

61. Mamurova, D. I.
The basis of the positive results of teaching drawing using computer technology and software.

62. Astanova, G. A.
Analysis of the image of wise and entrepreneurial women in Shahrizoda stories.

63. Mamurova, F. I.
Factors of formation of professional competence in the context of information education.

64. Khudoyberganova, F., & Akhmedova, K. O.
Culture of speech as a personal quality of internal affairs employees.

65. Mirzanov, B. J., Tajiev, T. M., & Orinbaeva, M. Q.
Problems and ways of improving the calculation of the gross domestic product of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of international standards.

66. Rustamov, M. S.
Lending of entrepreneurs is an important factor in economic development.

67. Shadieva, G. M.
Socio-economic content of the concept of «family economy», its development and improvement.

68. Chulieva, V. E.
The principles of commonality and specificity in the philosophical teachings of Baha ud-Din Walad and Jalal ad-Din Rumi.

69. A’zamov, Sh. M. B.
The most important aspects of statistical accounting of household sector expenditures in the framework of the system of national accounts.

70. Berdiev, D. M., Yusupov, A. A., Saydumarov, B. M., & Ibodullaev, T. N.
Analysis of rolling process design models.

71. Akhrorova, R. U.
The linguistic image of the world and the gender aspect of the concept of «age» in French and Uzbek.

72. Jalolova, G. M.
Role of film artists in cinematography. History, life and creativity of film artists in Uzbek cinema.

73. Chemezov, D., et al.
Pressure distribution on the surfaces of the NACA 0012 airfoil under conditions of changing the angle of attack.

74. Bulekbaeva, Sh.
The formation of students’ communicative and cognitive competencies as a focal pedagogical problem.

75. Sadikova, M. A., Mamatkulova, N. Zh., & Karaboev, B. B.
The advantage is the use of ultrasound imaging when performing a brachial plexus block in reconstructive plastic surgery.

76. Gafforov, Y. K.
New technology-new approaches.

77. Naimov, E. I.
The symbols of ornithonyms (birds) in Uzbek and Russian folk proverbs.

78. Egamova, S. D., & Danabekov, O. I.
Work on the text of manuscript sources (on the example of Abdullah Avloni’s work “Turkish Gulistan or Morality”).

79. Nazarova, M. N.
Work on word formation in national groups of philological faculties of universities.

80. Saminov, A.
Oxymoron-an unusual compound.

81. Xusanova, M. A.
The use of expressive phonetic means in farida afroz's works.

82. Kaharova, M.
Micro field of lexemes which denote Uzbek peoples’ holidays and work ceremonies.

83. Kadyrova, O. Kh.
Information and communication technologies in the process of teaching foreign languages as the basis of an innovative approach to learning.

84. Amriddinova, N. S.
Extra-linguistic reasons for semantic variation of phraseologisms.

85. Shodikulova, A. Z.
The role of metonyms in the formation of text structure.

86. Yarashova, N. J.
The lights of jewels of Turkic language in the works of Alisher Navoi.

87. Mannonova, S. A.
Text features of commercial writings.

88. Marasulov, K. K., & Juraev, H.
The secret of the happiness coast (Based on the story «Happiness Coast» by Khayriddin Sultanov).

89. Karimov, I. T.
Investigation of hydrodynamic modes of heavy fluid outflow in a bubbling extractor.

90. Bazarov, O. O.
The role of scientific knowledge and abstraction in it, as well as problems of linguistic modeling.

91. Сhoriev, O. I., Ibragimov, A. B., Ashurov, J. M., & Eshimbetov, A. G.
DFT study of the cocrystal between Favipiravir and Lamivudine.

92. Jumanov, L. E., Sayitov, B. U., Tohirov, M. I., & Alimukhamedov, M. G.
Properties of secondary polyethylene terephthalate alcoholysis product.

93. Pazilova, Z.
Traditions as an integral part of ethnoculture.

94. Umarova, N. R., & Yigitaliyeva, S. I.
Concept as a basic unit of cognitive linguistics.

95. Khramchankova, V. M.
Photo-absorbent properties of licen extracts.

96. Aripova, N. B., Komilov, X. M., & Duschanova, G. M.
Anatomical structure of the ginkgo biloba l sheet growing under the conditions of introduction of the tashkent botanical garden.

97. Rozmetova, N.
Cognitive and pragmatic features of anthropocentric metaphor.

98. Mamatqulova, S. S.
Deviation cases to codified speech of the oral conversational language.

99. Ne’matov, S. U.
Historiography of the development of secondary education in Uzbekistan.

100. Aminova, Z. P.
The Necessity of Multimedia in Teaching Russian Language.

101. Aminova, Z. P.
Methods of teaching Russian language by Making a Dialogue.

102. Iminov, A. A., Ochilova, U. D., & Yusupov, U. M.
The effect of sowing rates on the varieties of green and dry mass collections of Carept mustard (Brassica junceae Czern).

103. Azizov, B. M., Isroilov, B. A., Nazarova, M. B., & Zikiryoyeva, K. F.
The influence of the seed quality on the thickness and yield of autumn wheat grain.

104. Iminov, A. A., Ochilova, U. D., Yusupov, U. M., & Karimova, M. A.
Effects of sowing norms on germination in field condition of carept mustrad (brassica junceae czern) variety seeds.

105. Asadova, N.Kh., & Teshaev, Sh.J.
Morphofunctional changes of the thymus under the influence of various environmental factors.

106. Tursunov, A. A.
Influence of seedling thickness and fertilizer rate on cotton yield.

107. Azizov, B. M., Jumashev, M. M., Yakubjonova, N. A., & Khayrullayev, S.Sh.
Effect of sowing rate on the quality of seeds of winter wheat.

108. Egamov, B. Y.
Views of Central Asian Jadids on hydrology and climatology.

109. Hakkulov, A. A.
The dynamics of the development of strength qualities in volleyball classes with students of physical education.

110. Juraeva, N. I., & Khayrullaev, A. F.
Technical means for recognition objects in condition of uncertainty.

111. Kamolova, N. Sh., & Umarova, N. S.
Influence of iron micronutrient on the formation of yield of soybean varieties.

112. Ismoilova, M. A., Salixanova, D. S., Sadullaeva, M. S., Ruzmetova, D. T., & Agzamova, F. N.
Obtaining clay adsorbents for bleaching vegetable oil based on bentonits of Uzbekistan.

113. Dzhakbarova, Z. S.
The main issues of formation of socio-cultural competence in students.

114. Abduraimova, Sh. A.
A factor of Islamic spirituality in overcoming ideological threats.

115. Ibragimov, D. D., Mavlyanova, U. M., Gaffarov, U. B., Kuchkorov, F. Sh., & Akramov, H. M.
The case of hemifacial microsomy in blood brothers.

116. Karimova, F.
National features of the exchange of names involved in dialogic dialogue.




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