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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 09(113) 2022

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2022

Issue: 09

Volume: 113

Published: 30.09.2022

Pages: 192


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1. Mirisaev, A. A., & Soibov, N. F.
Mortgage lending market in Uzbekistan.

2. Kurpayanidi, K. I.
Trends in the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region: foreign experience (based on the materials of the Russian Federation).

3. Geldimyradov, A. G.
Development of gas condensate fields by the method of dual completion.

4. Deryaev, A. R.
The method of drilling mud treatment with the inhibited complex additive «PACS» and the results of field tests.

5. Khimmatova, G. A.
Psychological imagery in prose (example of the story «Кўзларингни кўргани келдим» by Kochqor Norqobil).

6. Tаshpulatova, Sh. O.
Theoretical aspects of assessing students' logical thinking based on international TIMSS programs.

7. Ziyodullayev, A. R.
Uzbek eponyms.

8. Yulchieva, D. Kh.
Work on the effective organization of the activities of women activists in cooperation with the community and families.

9. Matmuratova, R.
The essence of the theater of young audiences in the development of preschool children's interest in Karakalpak drama.

10. Shukurjonova, G.
Factors of contributing to the rise in international and global migrant cases.

11. Taufiqurrahman, & AZ, A. P.
The Effect of Discount Pricing and Bonus Pack on Positive Emotion and Impulse Buying of Indomaret Customers in Pekanbaru.

12. Turekeev, K. J.
Ethnocultural traditions associated with agriculture among the Karakalpaks.

13. Sayimbetov, Sh. U.
About the formation of the genre of the poem in the Karakalpak literature of the XX century.

14. Yuldosheva, U. U.
The phenomenon of social entrepreneurship and prospects of its development in Uzbekistan.

15. Usmоnоvа, F.
The need to save the Aral Sea.

16. Ablokulov, Sh. Z.
On modeling of oscillations of deformable structural elements under vibration disturbing loads.

17. Kozhevnikov, V. A., & Tolpygin, S. S.
Video transcription system.

18. Chemezov, D., et al.
Analysis of the features of the car sales process in the «Avtoexpress-Vladimir» dealership.

19. Kamalova, D. E.
Chronotope and its role in the composition of the work (On the example of Karakalpak literature).

20. Qudaybergenov, M. A.
Genre and methodological features of modern children's press in Karakalpakstan.

21. Khoshniyazov, J. Kh.
Religious remnants of the Karakalpak.

22. Ruzimov, A. Sh.
Dynamic stress-strain state of two-layer viscoelastic cylinders under kinematic excitation.

23. Khozhalepesov, P. Z., & Ismailov, Q. S.
Stages of innovative development in the new Uzbekistan.

24. Rahmonova, Z.
The issues of sectarianism and sect in their creativity of the poets of the literary environment of Kokan.

25. Safarov, I. I., Teshaev, M. Kh., Ablokulov, Sh. Z., & Namozov, J. Sh.
Oscillations of a viscoelastic mechanical system with damper.

26. Tukhtabaev, J. Sh., & Jalilov, I. X.
Necessity of using internal audit service in economic entities.

27. Davletov, I. H., et al.
Modern maintenance model for multi-storey buildings.

28. Abdullaeva, S.
Islamic financial market.

29. Nabieva, N. M.
Topical issues of developing a marketing strategy for the development of companies in the service sector.

30. Turgunov, M. M.
The state of the food industry in Uzbekistan and some aspects of its management.

31. Mambetova, N. K., & Sultanova, Z. S.
Methods of developing agrotechnology of amaranth plant under organic farming conditions.

32. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Verbal, symbolic, mathematical, semantic, behavioral, cognitive models.

33. Matmuratova, R. Z., Seydabullaeva, R. A., Sharibaeva, U. A., & Jarimbetova, L. B.
The ways of educating kids through the drawing activities in preschool educational organizations.

34. Ulmasov, A. F.
About the history of conservation of Sogdian wall painting from Varaksha.




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