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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10(30) 2015

ISPC Innovations in science, Harrisburg, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Salekhov SA, Esaulov VI, Yablochkina SO


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Language: Russian

Citation: Salekhov SA, Esaulov VI, Yablochkina SO (2015) INFLUENCE OF EXPECTANT MOTHERS NEGATIVE STRESS ON COPING STRATEGY AND THEIR ENERGY SUPPLY FORMING. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10 (30): 111-116. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 111-116

Published: 30.10.2015

Abstract: The analysis of expectant mother psychological stress influence on the fetus future coping strategies was made in the article. It was based on the principal propositions of psychophysiology, theory of dominant, theory of functional systems, patterns of general adaptation syndrome development, peculiarities of energy support of intense neural activity under psychological stress. The integrative approach to pregnant women psycho-emotional factors, their body reaction to a stressor, ways of informing the fetus about the stress by humoral means of the mother-placenta-fetus system and fetus trophics change influenced by placenta angiospasm together with sympathetic-adrenal system activation, let us specify two directions of coping strategy forming. On one side, mother’s negative emotions and her humoral factors, forming her psycho-emotional condition, pass to the fetus by the mother-placenta-fetus system the information about stress impact, the analogy of which is an unmet need. Depending on mother’s coping strategies and reaction effectiveness to the stress impact, the change of her psychological state will show either regress of stress intensity, that is of the need satisfaction followed by positive emotional reinforcement, or of the persistent unmet need and negative emotional reinforcement. On the other side, the strategies, which provide energy supplies to organism stress reaction, are equally important. If mother’s coping strategies are effective, no significant changes of the fetus trophics will occur. On the contrary, if mother’s stress is long enough and the changes of the fetus trophics are significant, either nutritional behavior “stress – hunger - stress-eating” of “stress – hunger – self-eating” will form. As a result, mother’s stress during pregnancy makes preconditions to future coping strategies and nutritional behavior.

Key words: psychological stress, pregnancy, theory of dominant, theory of functional systems, coping strategies, nutritional behavior, unmet needs, negative emotions, need satisfaction, positive emotional reinforcement.








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