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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10(30) 2015

ISPC Innovations in science, Harrisburg, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Salekhov SA, Gordeev MN, Bizina TV


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Language: Russian

Citation: Salekhov SA, Gordeev MN, Bizina TV (2015) INFLUENCE OF PRE-EXAMINATIONAL CORRECTION OF SITUATION ANXIETY ON EXAM RESULTS. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10 (30): 117-123. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 117-123

Published: 30.10.2015

Abstract: The dynamics of the situation anxiety test results were studied in the group of 148 second year Medical College female students. The tests took place during the preliminary exam which had been hold for 3 days before the exam in biochemistry and then during the exam itself. The participants were divided into two groups depending on the targeted psychological assistance to decrease psycho-emotional tension before the exams. The first group of 67 students didn’t get any psycho-emotional aid. The second group of 81 students were provided with psycho-emotional compensation according to our algorithm, which considered the psycho-physiological features of emotional tension increase and its energy demand. Before the preliminary exam the situation anxiety indices correlated and didn’t differ much (P >0,05). On the contrary, before the exam the number of the second group students who showed an average level of situation anxiety were credibly more (P 0,05), and those who showed high level were credibly less (P 0,05) then in the first group, where no psychological aid had been provided. At the same time the average score showing the situation anxiety distinctiveness before the exam was credibly higher in the first group (P 0,05), then in the second, that proved the effectiveness of the psycho-emotional compensation program. The comparative analysis of the preliminary exam and the exam itself and the dynamics of the situation anxiety showed that the psycho-emotional tension increase caused by the exam stress created the prerequisites for the exam results in the first group. In the second group the dynamics of the situation anxiety testified of the psycho-emotional tension increase before the exam, but the degree of its distinctiveness was credibly less, then in the first group. At that the results of the exam tests in the second group were higher than those of the first group, that was caused by less psycho-emotional tension before the exam due to the psychological assistance in the second group for 3 days before the exam. The results prove the availability of the following research in this field.

Key words: exam stress, psycho-emotional tension, situation anxiety, psychological assistance, psycho-emotional compensation








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