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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 11(67) 2018

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2018

Issue: 11

Volume: 67

Published: 30.11.2018

Pages: 386


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1. Samekto, A., Romi, I., & Titis, P. D. K.

2. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., & Kravchenko, O. A.
Atomic Absorption and Atomic Emission with Inductively Coupled Plasma Determination of Lead and Cadmium in Children's Hair.

3. Tulepbergenova, B. A., & Ibragimova, S. I.
Diabetes mellitus type 2 as a risk of development of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Mirzoyeva, L. M., Yunusov, S. H., Khalafova, I. A., & Andryushenko, N. K.
Hydrofining of the heavy fraction of catalytic cracking gasoline, producing from mixture of Azerbaijan oil.

5. Abidova, D. I.
Legal regulation in sphere of restaurant - hotel business.

6. Alieva, M. T.
Tourism problems in the Central Asian republics.

7. Kholmatov, N. U.
The neolithic of middle Zeravshan river.

8. Toshmamatov, N.
Some theoretical aspects of the accounting method.

9. Besshaposhnikova, V. I., Besshaposhnikova, N. V., Lebedeva, T. S., & Zagoruiko, M. V.
Flame-retardant modification of polyacrylonitrile fibers processed HF capacitive plasma of low pressure.

10. Besshaposhnikova, V. I., Klimova, N. A., & Kovaleva, N. E.
Research of the effect of low temperatures on the structure and properties of membrane fabrics for clothing.

11. Jamshitov, A. J., & Abdymomunova, E. A.
Acceptance of the new Criminal Procedure legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic as the beginning of the Criminal Procedure activity: problems and solutions.

12. Mamarasulov, M.
Substantial importance of the national ideas in public progress.

13. Azlarova, M. M.
Marketing strategy in the consumer market.

14. Kurpayanidi, K. I., & Abdullaev, A. M.
Actual issues of the functioning of an innovative industrial enterprise.

15. Hasanova, S. M., & Yusifzade, A. A.
Investigation of physicochemical properties of some shales of Azerbaijan.

16. Melent'ev, V. A.
Use of Melentiev’s graph representation method for identification and enumeration of circuits of the given length.

17. Ibrahim, A. A. H., Hssan, A. M., & Abojassim, A. A.
Radon Concentrations in Drinking Water Samples for Some Area at Al-Najaf City.

18. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Modeling eigenvectors with given the values of their indicated components.

19. Tajibayeva, D. E.
On some aspects of poetic style of Shavkat Rakhmon.

20. Priemets, O., & Samoilov, K.
A determination of the quantity of ornamental composition elements depending on the preassigned proportion.

21. Ragimova, N. R.
Problems of improvement of the state regulation mechanism of activity of private institutions of health care in Azerbaijan.

22. Bubnov, M. A., Dubinskiy, S. I., & Krasnovskiy, E. E.
Peculiarities of lifetime prediction of track structure fastenings with application of numerical modelling.

23. Atasoy, M.
A check list of Mediterranean plants to control erosion in Turkey.

24. Kholmatov, A. N.
New rock paintings of Beklarsoy.

25. Samadov, A. R., & Abdullayev, S.
Syncretic features of person’s moral-aesthetic ideal: diachronic and synchronic approach.

26. Zeynalova, S. M., Ismayilov, M. J., Mammadbayov, E. S., Rustamov, G. I., Yunusov, M. I., & Baloglanov, E. E.
Estimation of the influence of mud volcanoes to the formation and ecological conditions of landscapes (on the pattern of south-eastern part of the major caucasus).

27. Karimova, B. N., & Sultanmurodova, H. M.
Pathology of the urinary system of the urgent system in frequently sick children (according to retrospective analysis).

28. Khamidova, Z. A.
Land ownership relations in the economic policy of Amir Temur and Timurides.

29. Yuldasheva, F. U., & Sultanmurodova, H. M.
Socio-hygienic study of the health of children born with high weight.

30. Komarova, I. K., & Shumskaya, L. M.
Humanistic component of society's evolution and axiological potential of creativity of D.S. Merezhkovsky.

31. Muminov, B. Y.
Initial enlightened characters in Uzbek literature.

32. Chemezov, D., et al.
Volumetric mechanical stresses in a steel bushing after removing of radial load.

33. Kravchenko, R., & Rosero, M.
Eroded soils of a eastern exposure slope in the northern part of Quito, Ecuador.

34. Mukambetov, U. M.
Beneficiary as one of the subjects of the fiduciary management agreement.

35. Mukambetov, U. M.
Discretionary manageras one of the subjects of the fiduciary management agreement.

36. Xashimov, B. A., & Adashaliev, B. V.
Foreign experience of development of the regional export potential.

37. Ishmanova, D. N.
Strategy of improving competitiveness of oil and gas industry.

38. Vorobyova, E. V.
Changes in the structure of the phenolic antioxidant irganox 1010 in the composition of the zinc-containing polymer composite with cyclic thermal effects.

39. Maharramov, M. M.
Strategic directions of providing financial stability of the enterprise.

40. Mukhamedjanova, K. A.
Genesis of the concept of supply chain management.

41. Rajapova, M. F.
Foreign experience of the intelligent products and services market development.

42. Shanazarova, G. B.
Analysis of the organization and management of innovation activities in Uzbekistan.

43. Kokoeva, A. M., Djorobekova, A. M., & Nuriyev, D. S.
Forensic features of primary information at the initial stage of investigation of economic crimes.

44. Kokoeva, A. M., Djorobekova, A. M., & Nuriyev, D. S.
Interaction of the investigator and the operative worker at investigation of the crimes committed in the sphere of economic activity.

45. Ismailov, A. R.
Ways to development corporate governance institutions in Uzbekistan.

46. Tolipova, B. F.
Foreign experience of attracting investments in the food industry.

47. Kholmirzayeva, M. A., Zaynabiddinov, A. E., Khushmatov, S. S., & Khalilov, E. H.
Comparative characteristics of the functional activity of the cardiorespiratory system in primary schoolchildren (on the example of some districts of Andijan region).

48. Asifa, Khan, A., & Amin, J.
Analgesic effect of lignocain mixed with adrenalin; commercially prepared vs freshly prepared.

49. Asifa, Khan, B., & Fatima, A.
Low arterial blood ph and increased mortality among patients in ICU.

50. Khan, B., Fatima, A., & Khalil T. A.
Complications of intra uterine contraceptive device.

51. Younis, F., Basharat, A., & Naveed, M.
Frequency of various dental problems among children below 10 years of age.

52. Arshad, N., Ashraf, A., & Habib, M.
Frequency of complications related to laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

53. Asad, R., Khalil, T. A., & Inayat, H.
Frequency of hypertensive disorders among pregnant ladies.

54. Inayat, H., & Bano, K.
Frequency of various complications after cage fixation in t.b spine.

55. Habib, M., Ashraf, A., & Arshad, N.
Frequency of wound infection after laparotomy in different age groups.

56. Zaffar, H., Inayat, H. R., & Tariq, M.
Non surgical management of chronic anal fissure.

57. Basharat, A., Younis, F., & Naveed, M.
Orthodontic patients malocclusion prevalence in Pakistani population.

58. Tariq, M., Inayat, H. R., & Zaffar, H.
Outcome of open versus closed hemorrhoidectomy.

59. Abdul Rasheed, K., Rashid, A., & Arshad Chohan, M.
Presenting signs and symptoms of organic poisoning.

60. Arshad Chohan, M. A., Rashid, A., & Abdul Rasheed, K.
Presentation of patients with surgical site infection.

61. Bano, K.

62. Huseynova, A. S., Hajiyev, A. H., Efendiyev, A. M., & Kerimova, I. A.
Proinflammatory cytokines in Rheumatoid arthritis: relationship with vitamin D deficiency.

63. Shahobov, K. B.
The literary description of trasformation period psychology in the story of “Ozodlik” by Sh. Kholmirzaev.

64. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Inverse spectral problem with indicated values of components of the eigenvectors.

65. Otesh, Z. A.
To the question about the problem of "writer, author, author-writer" in the novel by Alexander Beck "Volokolamsk highway».

66. Hasanova, S. M., & Yusifzade, A. A.
Use of the products, received in process pyrolysis of shall oils of Azerbaijan deposite “Bolshoy Siyaki” and “Maliy Siyaki’.




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