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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 05(109) 2022

Philadelphia, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Kazakbaev, S. Z., & Karymsakov, N. S.

Progressive machines for pre-cleaning of grain.

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Language: Russian

Citation: Kazakbaev, S. Z., & Karymsakov, N. S. (2022). Progressive machines for pre-cleaning of grain. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 05 (109), 870-879. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 870-879

Published: 30.05.2022

Abstract: The article pays special attention to the issues of pre-cleaning of grain. Based on the analysis of existing grain cleaning machines, innovative machines for grain classification are proposed, allowing to increase the efficiency of cleaning from large and light impurities. The paper investigates the process of isolation of large and light impurities from the grain mass. The results of the conducted research showed a high technological effect. In conclusion, the test results and dependencies obtained by production are presented. The most important tasks in the field of grain purification aimed at further development of scientific and technological progress in the grain processing industry are the improvement of existing and the creation of new grain cleaning machines; the introduction of new cleaning technology taking into account the requirements for grain at various stages of post-harvest processing. The purpose of the work is: development and creation of equipment and technology for preliminary cleaning of grain from large and light impurities, which allows to increase the productivity of separators and processing efficiency, reduce the cost of acceptance and processing, significantly reduce the contamination of grain crops, create favorable conditions for drying and storage. The most important process after grain acceptance is pre-cleaning, which creates conditions for reliable and economical conduct of all subsequent processes

Key words: pneumorotor classifier, grain cleaning from large and light impurities, the thickness of the incoming grain layer, the rotational speed of the annular rotor, the degree of purification, Grain thrower classifier.








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