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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10(90) 2020

Philadelphia, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Nizametdinov, N. G.

The spiritual and practical similar points of Yoga and Sufism.

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Language: English

Citation: Nizametdinov, N. G. (2020). The spiritual and practical similar points of Yoga and Sufism. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 10 (90), 386-388. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 386-388

Published: 30.10.2020

Abstract: The main aim of choosing of the very subject about the “similar points of world religions” is connected with the view-point given below in article regarding the struggle against the wide spread terrorism throughout the world. In this condition, as we think, the present article may explain to the readers such a logical truth, that in spite of variety of races, nations and religions peoples are not strange to one another. Because, according to Veda’s speech: «Vasudhaiva kutumbakan – The hole world is one family». The same idea can be seen also in Holy Qaran in the form of community : “????? ???????? ??????? ???????? – Mankind were one community”. Here should be taken into consideration also, that the below mentioned “special steps” of Yoga and Sufism may give certain knowledge about the religious-philosophical would-outlook of the both teachings. Moreover, on the basis of presented information in case of interest one can try to make as theoretical as well as practical exercises of Yoga or Sufism in the field of meditation.

Key words: Al-a’lam, Al-mukhtasar, aticukh, maqaman, javkhar, dharana, zuhd, farq, sabr, solik, zubdat, goon.








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